The Snow Maiden's Fun

Once upon a time, there was a village perpetually covered in snow. In this village lived a man with three children. Every winter, when the snow was at its peak, he would go out buy them each new sweaters. Now, he had two daughters and a son, so he knew that he couldn't get the sweaters to look alike. He usually bought his son a green sweater, his eldest daughter a red sweater, and his youngest daughter a blue sweater. But this year, right around the start of winter, the snow started to melt! It was a phenomenon for the snow to ever melt, but in winter it was practically impossible to happen. Well, he decided not to buy his children sweaters that year, for it wasn't cold out. A few days before Christmas, the snow was completely gone. It grew warmer and warmer, and his three children went swimming in the newly formed pond behind their house. Well, the year ended and it was close to 90 Degrees Fahrenheit out. January passed, Valentines passed, White Day passed, yet instead of getting warmer like every other year, it got colder. Then, on April Fools, a day where snow rarely fell, just covered the ground, it began to snow. All throughout the summer months when the snow was at its least, snow fell like crazy! The man found himself buying his children sweaters in July! But, in the confusion, he bought them the wrong colored sweaters! He bought his son a pink one, his eldest daughter a black one, and his youngest daughter a purple one. Well, somehow, when the children put on their sweaters, the snow began to melt! About twenty-four hours after the children had placed their sweaters over their heads, the snow melted completely! But, the weather became unbearably hot. When the man went to return the sweaters, as he had only had them for about two days, he found the sweater store to be closed! The store now sold bathing suits and hot weather equipment. Well, the man brought the sweaters back to his children, and told them that he could not return them. Well, the children just nodded, took their sweaters, and went up the stairs to their rooms. The man waited for them to come down at supper time, but none of them went down to eat. After waiting for close to an hour, the man became both curious and worried, and headed upstairs to see what his children were doing. Upon arriving at their room, he heard laughter pealing out. He opened the door, and found himself laughing as well. The children had very much not liked their sweaters' colors, so they had cut apart the sweaters, and sewed them back together in multi-colored patterns. When the children put on their sweaters to show off, snow began to fall outside. The children found this fun, so they kept their newly adjusted sweaters on and went outside to play in the snow. Meanwhile, the father contemplated how this had happened. He noticed the snow had stopped when the children first put on their sweaters, and how it had begun after they had changed the sweaters and put them back on. Well, when his children arrived back inside from playing in the snow, he asked them. They each replied solemnly.

"Well, father, I don't know how it happened," The son spoke up. "Though, I did notice this as well."

"Father, I think that our sweaters might be magical!" The eldest daughter smiled. She loved fantasy novels. "Maybe when we put them together funny, it reversed the spell!"

"Father, I think that because you did not buy us our sweaters on time last winter, the snow decided not to fall," The youngest daughter looked at him funny. "Then, when all the villagers and ourselves bought swimming things, the cold began to set in, then when you bought us our sweaters, wrong colors and during the wrong part of the year, the snow decided to stop, because it didn't recognize us anymore. Then, when we rearranged our sweaters, the snow recognized us because we were happy, unlike when we had the colors that we didn't like. So, now it wants to come again."

Well, the father thought about each of his children's ideas, a though popped into his head. What if the snow only liked certain colors? Well, he decided to test the snow with different colored sweaters. So, he went back to the newly reopened sweater store and bought one sweater of each color for himself to show to the snow. Well, he tried on each of his sweaters, and the snow just kept falling. When he could not figure out why the snow was acting this way, he ran outside and yelled at the snow to tell him why. As in response, his youngest daughter appeared in front of him. She asked him why he hadn't asked sooner. He said that it had not frustrated him earlier. Well, his youngest daughter closed her eyes briefly and then smiled. She pointed to the clouds and told her father, "The snow does whatever it likes. It wanted to play with us, so it did, but now it's done and it's going to go and play with another village." As if in reply to the girl's statement, all of the clouds started moving away from the village, being replaced by a different set that let snow steadily fall on the village. When the father turned to ask his youngest daughter how she knew all of that, he noticed that she had disappeared, and only a small pile of snow flakes lay next to him. The wind picked up, and the snowflakes were blown away. The man watched, and then understood. His daughter must have been a snow maiden. Born to follow the snow. He watched as suddenly the snow flakes shimmered and seemed to wave at him. The man waved back and smiled. His daughter would always be with the snow, and she would always be the one who knew about it. Now she was headed for another village. The man knew that she hadn't been his real daughter, he had found her on the first day that snow had begun to perpetually fall in his village. Twelve years ago. Now, she would go and let snow fall on another village, play with them, and leave. It was her destiny as a snow maiden.

~The End~

Somebody shoot this story and put it out of its misery! I attempted to write a children's fairy tale type story, but it didn't exactly work out. Though it was as pointless as most of those little kid's stories really are. ^^;; I was also just messing with fonts, so ignore that little factor. ^^;; Well, I think I'll work on a big people story now. ^^ See you next time! (Whenever that may be!)

~Ann Lowe ~~ August 28, 2002 10:13 am Mountain Time. Ann's South Dakota Vacation! ^^ (11:13 is what my clock on my notebook says, but it's on Central Time. ^^)