Sometimes life can make you feel down. Make you feel stupid. Or insignificant. Well. You're not. You should never think that. It's not true. You are just as important as me. No more. No less. We are all equal. No one is more important. Not white people. Not black people. Not blue-eyed people. Not even people with purple eyes! We are all human. All equal. All of us have human genetics. Human blood. So what makes one person better than the other? How you dress doesn't make a difference in the long run. But. Most people think that if they dress cool. They'll be cool. I even think that way. I'll admit it. Will you? Will you admit that when you see someone wearing dirty clothing you'll automatically think "geek"? Will you try to ignore them? Or are you the kind of person who will befriend them? Not many of us can truthfully admit to doing the later. Not many of us. Though. Know what it feels like to be the person always being made fun of. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Once. Pretend that everyone is making fun of you. How would you feel? Probably not so good. Well. How do you think they feel? Popularity was not something created over night. It's not easy to be popular once you've made an image that you are a geek. The best you can do is middle-rate. Will anyone here admit to shunning someone because of what they look like? Or how they dress? Or what they wear? Or how they talk? If you will. I dare you to stand up. Will anyone stand up? Probably not. And if you do. I applaud you. You are the one person that is trustworthy. Good job. If you didn't stand up. Why not? Are you afraid? You're probably thinking, "I'm not scared". Well. Here's news to you. You are. You're afraid of what others will think. Everyone looks down on someone. Even me. I'll admit it. But I won't stand up. I am afraid. I'll admit it. But you will never know who I am. I am just the writer. You are the listener. You are not supposed to know who I am. All you should know is that I am one of you. I am human. I am a teenager. I am not perfect. I just want to make a point. I don't expect this to change any of you. That would be conceited. An author never expects their writing to be famous. I know this will not be. It's just a simple poem. Put out into the world to give you something to think about. I dare you to think. And I double dare you: The next time you see someone drop their books. Or fall down the stairs. Help them out. Be nice. You don't have to. Just try it. I dare you.