(silent admiration blood-red fury long-run fun say you're sorry)

we met on a stormy day I loved you true just like today you held me once you said to stay

you have a past so do I you can't accept you live a lie

(I just want to hold you is that so bad? you just want to hurt me why is that so sad?)

you chose to love me I didn't say a thing you chose to leave me I didn't say a thing

but now I cry out I want you back you want me too I am what you lack

I am your soul you are my life why can't you let go (of this) pain and strife

(silent tears fury grows you live in sin I live in you)

I never want to see you hurt I love you too much you hurt me yet I stay I just long for your gentle touch

I long for the day you say you love me the day you let it go I want you to forget whatever haunts you so

I'm just starting to understand this world that we live in I want you to understand that I'm not going to give in

I understand your pain I see you bleed I can help you I am what you need

I know you hate me you know I love you can't we make a compromise or just start anew

(now you love me and I hate me you help me I kill me)

we can never be together you know it's true you knew it all along I knew you'd come through

now we're apart never together again we didn't move forward yet we didn't fall back again

we're at the start we're at the finish hold me now I'll grant your wish

true love is hard to come by love me now I'll never lie kiss me under the forbidden sky love me now until you die

(kiss me kill me love me leave me)