To You

Let me touch you (wish) Let me near you (once) Hold me close (again) Hold me true (please)

Once upon a time. such a common phrase Your dreams will come true. because of the will with no face

Live my life for me then tell me what it's like die my death for me then take a hike

let me love you let me leave you let me hold you let me die anew

kill me if you please take away my soul and hide it love then until I die even treat me like a piece of shit

love me once then let me go love me twice and break my heart love me never and shake your head love me always and play your part

kiss me under the forlorn moon make me bleed then proceed (to) take my heart for yourself then fulfill my every need

let me love you (never) let me hold you (once) Let me kiss you (try) let me kill you (again)

take away my pain bring forth a new villain take me home (if) I'm just a fill in

don't be serious I never am don't be rough you're the lion I'm the lamb

take your time show me love then go away head for the great above

live without regret no matter what you do let love in it'll always be true

to you.