Not Forever

gently touch my face hold me now I'm far away let me die here in your arms watch me now to fade away

I've loved you all my life you've held me close through all the pains you've known me from the day of my birth you've seen my losses and gains

we've been through so much together we'll never be apart I will always love you now just play your part

I know I love you you know you love me then what's wrong why can't we just be

we'll have to be split apart we'll live on our own I can't do without this love that we've grown

I want to want you you want me, too so what's wrong this can't be true

here I am lying in your arms like so many times before yet my mind is in alarm

I'm not going to leave not forever you'll see not forever

I'll be with you soon you'll be with me I love you too much to just let this be

come now with me we'll do it together we belong together forever and ever

I will love you. 'till death do us part and when that happens we still won't be apart

you'll be there I'll be here I'll always see you watching from the rear

just like I always have so you get to shine but you push me along along the straighter line

no matter what remember that I love you those three words mean so much but they'll always be true

remember. I love you.