I loved you,

But you didn't

Do you even care?

You stinky little rodent!

Do you know what is feels like to be crushed?

And to be in such pain in one time?

And because of that,

The pain even makes me rhyme

You embarrassed me

And I hadn't talked to you for a whole week!

Does that make you sad?

You stupid little freak!

Broken hearts can mend

But mine cannot

And I'm all alone,

Left alone to rot

Everybody says I'm fine

And I just need some time by myself

And I just I need a book

From the creepy man's shelf

Ha! How stupid can they get?

If only I knew,

That this was all a bet

And as I sit here

With tears on my face

I look down at my own wounds

And I feel my heart race...

Is my Heart Broken?