September 14th
As I lay here on the grass

And look upon the stars up the sky

I try to remember my horrible past

The one that past me by
I let another tear fall

And let another choked sob

It's time I leave this earth

My soul, the one you rob
You tried to break me

Squeeze my own eyes shut

You tried to kill me

No doubt, no buts
I smiled my last smile

Although no one cares

I laugh a sad laugh

Although no one shares
I wonder what my life would be

If I never cried alone

I wonder what my life would be

If I never ever went home
That day,

On the 14th of September

The thing that terrorized me

The one I should no remember
There you were,

Drinking so fast

I tried to run away

But I were at the door last
You punched me and kicked me

Until I could not move no more

I though to myself bitterly,

'This was not like before'
I closed my eyes

And tried to stop myself from thinking

Those horrible past which past me by

Without even blinking
And as soon as I know it

I was walking along the clouds

I smile my very first smile

And sing a very wonderful song


So how'd you like it? I know it sucks, but please tell me your thoughts! =)