Magic Box
Magic box, magic box, mysteries untold.

Secrets kept, words held back, deep within your soul.

Are you good, or are you bad?

Only time will tell.

And if you're good, I'll open you,

And find your secret spells.

Magic box, magic box, what are you about?

Now I'll go and open you,

For time is almost out.

Magic box, magic box, now I see your work,

I opened you and now I'm gone,

Deep within your world.

I'm stuck inside, soon to fade,

Because of my own greed.

Listen now to my words, for time is almost gone,

Be careful of stuff you must not touch.

Or you'll be here with me!

Well hoped you liked my poem. I think it's a metaphor for something, I don't know. Well remember 2 review.