Milan Nelson

Security in an aggressive look?
How can there be comfort there.
Eyes cast forward in a military gaze,
Cold and hardened to everyone around.
Daring to look back once in a while
To see a familiar face.
The face seen when looking back,
One I used to care for,
Thought I had half a chance with.
Encase my heart more in stone.
That I might not feel more emotion
Than is bearable by my heart.
Love never found is love never lost -
So it seems my solution is to never love -
Never love and you will never lose love.
That is the way I'm forced to live.
That's how I must live to not find love.
"To not feel love," one might ask,
"What is it like?"
I would tell them to look in my eyes
And see all the pain hidden there.
The pain I suffered from loving twice
And being a hopeless romantic.
Once at work, the other at school,
Both places unsuitable to be in love.
Protocols that shake the security
Of the most faithful relationship.