"The King"
Milan Nelson

My king of beasts,
Royal lion that prowls the realm of my heart,
Sleep soundly knowing your realm is safe.
No other would dare encroach
As they know your reputation.
I offer the open plains of me as your domain
Make your kingdom in my heart
So as I will learn to speak the lion's language.
Never would I tie you down
Or make you captive forever
Because, royal Leo, it's not right to chain the wild.
Wild feline from the savannah, is my heart room enough to explore?
Is it enough of a challenge to tackle?
Or am I a cub to you,
Inexperienced and insecure of what to do or say
A gently voiced purr - will it beckon you or frighten you
So unsure of what to do to ease the awkwardness
Maybe I am just a cub, though I'd like to think not