Nature's Family

The moon showers me with light

The shadows overcomes me with fright

The wind, oh what a beautiful sight!
The owl's flies above me

And hoots so happy and free
The wolves howl loudly

And runs as fast as they can be
The animals all around me

Sleeping peacefully, I see
The stars twinkling ever so brightly,

And I smile ever so lightly
The trees dance freely

With the wind all around me
The night sky

Ever so high

I'll make this world a better place

You'll see
Am I Goddess?

And I hear you asking why

The truth is that I am

And I came from the sky
The waves crash so loudly

Hearing the waves makes me feel

Oh so happy and free
I cannot help it

My life is full of care

The Element's I have

Fire, earth, water or air
We are Nature's Family

And everywhere we go
We are happy and free