Trying hard,

to avoid the sharp pointy sticks,

ready to stick right through my body,

If I make one false move,

my whole life will be destroyed.

Am I ready to run across this bridge?

am I half way through,

or almost at the end?

When will I be able to reach,

all the way to the top?

I feel like I'm almost there,

but I've been in these shoes before,

so can I actually finish my dream

this time?

Instead of screwing with time,

wasteing so many of my precious moments;

plugging myself deep inside,

an electronic machine.

Can't I let time flow within me?

So I know where my path is,

because right now,

I really don't know where I'm am,

Strange enough,

I feel peace flowing inside,

for once,

and its made me feel so great.

But thats not all that I need,

all that I ache for

is your heart,

and I know now,

that I am in your heart.

but I know you hurt

and you need rest,

but can't I hold you?

to help the pain disappear?

I've wanted to hold you for so long,

because even my flowers and notes,

cannot express how I feel,

down deep inside.

I'm glad your taking the time,

to explore your needs and wants.

Because I have already searched,

and explored deep inside of me,

and my burning desire is for your soul,

laying next to mine.

But I can wait,

for as long as my frail body can stand

quivering on my own two feet,

from the cold of loneliness.

Seperated from afar.

Waiting for those 3 words from you,

which I gave to you.

Wanting and dreaming of you,

knowing you have your life to live,

I understand,

but don't forget you have my love in your hand.

Don't forget that I crave you,

I know its not very healthy,

thinking of you

in this dazed way,

but I can't help it.

Thinking about you,

my heart beats faster,

wanting to see you again,

walking beside me,

with my arms around you.

I wish we could have some days,

alone together.

So I could tell you everything,

locked away deep inside my brain.

That is all I wish for, my love.