Unbelievable cold sweat,

dripping from my fingers,

swirling around my neck,

like a snake squeezing,

and choking the breath out.

No longer able to move ,

or carry myself

I've place myself in the mud,

deep inside my thoughts,

sinking deeper and deeper,

getting stepped on and on,

never ending.

The ultimate pain awaits beneath;

my already tired soul.

Must I go through another trial

to find out where I belong?

Because I thought I found the end,

but it wasn't what I expected,

it was all a set up,

to make me feel good,

and terrible at the same time.

I don't know what your thinking now,

could you please lift me out of this mud,

before its too late?

I feel your love gently slipping out of my grasp

the cold rain and dirt freezing my body to death.

No more warmth,

coming from above,

I feel myself drenched

in a pool of swelling hurt.

My acheing bones longing for your touch,

flying far above my floating corpse.

Will you help me out?