Chibis in My Head

By Kobi

::Small chibi with spiky black hair, wearing a black turtleneck and cargo pants looks up:: Say, she's calling herself Kobi now…

Yeah, she's trying to change her name but doesn't have the guts to tell her family ::replies a chibi wearing sunglasses, a tank top and tan slacks, sporting long black hair::

::The original chibi looks bored:: Oh well, who cares. We're supposed to be talking about us anyway, not her. That's the point of this so called "story", right?

::Second chibi rolls her eyes:: Right. Anyway, I suppose your name is Szak then, and I must be Kobi.

::Szak looks puzzled:: Huh? Since when do we have names? And why do you get to decide?

Kobi Well, we gotta have names, seeing as there are about twenty of us living in here. I mean, if we're writing about us, the readers should know which US we're talking about, right? You're Szak because you're her everyday, Public Personality. You know, the one that normal people see, like at school and stuff.

Szak Uh… right. So why are you Kobi then? Because you're her Private Personality, the one she has when no one else is around?

Kobi Exactly. My name means "flirtation, cajolery or flattery" in Japanese, which is a side that she never shows the world. I mean, you act like a flirt sometimes, but only by accident. For me, it's my basic nature.

Szak All right, moving on then… where are the rest?

::At this point, a creepy shadow appears on a convenient wall::

Shadow Did someone say my name?

::Szak and Kobi look at each other::

Kobi Uh, seeing as you don't have a name yet, that's kinda impossible…

::Shadow pops into view, appearing as another female chibi carrying large shears, much like those owned by Teke-Teke in Haunted Junction, and wearing a long, white cloak::

Chibi #3 Oh…

Kobi Well, seeing as you're the chibi in charge of making her Otakon costume… I think we should call you… Maril.

Maril Ooh… I like it. It's a mutation of "Meryl", which is the costume I'm making, right?

Kobi Exactly. So, how's that coming, by the way?

Maril Quite well. I'm doing a sort of one person assembly line on my gun-straps for the cloak, but I gotta get out to buy some more vinyl, and I gotta get the sewing machine fixed, and I gotta find some shoes…

::Maril rants on about various tiny, annoying details pertaining to the costume, which no one, including the other chibis, cares about::

::Chibi #4 wanders in. He (yes he) is wearing a black dragon t-shirt and a pair of really old Ecko pants::

Chibi #4 Maril's off on a rant again…

::Maril stops talking and gives him a DeathGlare ™::

Szak Ooh look, it's the chibi in charge of the stun-gun project! How ya doin' man?

Kobi Stop flirting with the other chibis, it's disturbing. Plus now I gotta think of a name for him…

Chibi #4 I already have a name! I am known as… ::dramatic pause:: Acto!

::All three other chibis facefault, and lie on the floor twitching::

Szak Oh my GOD that's pathetic…

Acto Huh?

Kobi ::peels herself off the floor:: It's a new low to name yourself after a tool, much less an X-ACTO BLADE!

Acto Why? I love X-Acto's… plus I also have that supercool X-Acto razor saw… ::gets dreamy-eyed::

Other Three FREAK!

Szak Really… you know I've got that thing about razor blades/knives in general…

Acto ::looks miffed:: It's not MY fault you practically cut your thumb off with a razor blade when you were five.

Szak That doesn't change the fact that you're making me a nervous wreck!

Acto Bite Me! ::pulls out monster X-Acto blade from hammerspace::

Szak ::Runs away screaming::

Acto ::Gives chase::

Kobi ::Sweatdrop:: Uh… aren't there any other chibis out and about to give us something new to talk about?

Chibi #5 Sure.

Kobi Thank the gods… which one are you?

Chibi #5 I'm the chibi in charge of the artwork. ::chibi is wearing a long-sleeve white t-shirt and those weird blue camo pants::

Kobi I see… do you have a name yet?

Chibi #5 Yeah, call me Ryi.

Kobi OK.

Maril Anyone else notice that a lot of you are turning out to be named after characters from Phoenix Horizon?

Ryi Actually, they're named after US. ::diabolical laugh::

Other Two ::sweatdrop::

Maril Is it just me, or is she slightly evil?

Kobi It's not you. So, anyone else around?

::crickets chirp::

Ryi You know, I saw the chibi in charge of studying hiding in a corner on my way here. Want me to go get her?

Kobi Yeah, sure.

::Ryi runs away while pulling out a large coil of rope from hammerspace::

Kobi Um, well, I guess here's where we leave off for today... hopefully now I can accomplish something… oh well, tune in next time for more fun with the chibis… I hope…


Szak – The Public Personality Chibi

Kobi – The Private Personality Chibi

Maril – The Costume Design Chibi

Acto – The Stun-Gun Design Chibi

Ryi – The Artwork Chibi

Appearing Next Time (Maybe):

The Novel Writing Chibi!

The Studying Chibi!

The Anime Collector/Watcher Chibi!

The Daydream Chibi!

And all the Chibis you've already met! (With the possible exception of Ryi, since she might be locked in a closet somewhere.)