Chibis in My Head

Chapter 25

By Kobi

Kobi We shall now write in fear!

Others ?

Saga Our apartment manager is thinking of joining this site.

Others Uh oh!

Saga Yes. As much as I am interested in reading her stuff, we tend to go on and on about how poor we are.

Szak I know! I HAVE a SOLUTION!

Others Enlighten us!

Szak Ahem. To apartment manager Neddy: We are NOT as poor as we make out to be. We can pay our rent, honest!

Saga That'll do.

Szak And to all others: Send money.

Others ::sweatdrop::

Gray Actually, I more imagine it will go like this:

Apt. Mngr. Neddy: Ah, now that I am well established on with hordes of adoring fans, I think I will go and see what my oh so enjoyable tenant has published!


Apt. Mngr. Neddy: Let's see… CiMH? That sounds interesting!


Apt. Mngr. Neddy: Huh? What the-? What kind of a PSYCHO do we have living here?! Waitaminnit… psycho? AGH! EVICT! EVICT!

::clickclick of special magical Apt. Mngr. Button::

Me: ::wakes up on street:: Wha?

Others …

Maril Gee thanks, Gray. Now we're gonna have nightmares.

Gray Well EXCUUUSE me for being realistic!

Acto And what part of 'special magical Apt. Mngr. Button' is realistic?

Gray How do YOU know? YOU'RE not an Apartment Manager!

Leger He's right. Those people are kinda mysterious.

Kobi So, in case you haven't figured it out yet, yes we have moved into our new apartment.

Szak We forced all our movers-in-retainer bound by a pact of blood—

Saga In other words, family.

Szak Yes. We forced them to move all our stuff.

Leger It actually wasn't that hard, all of our stuff was still in boxes.

Acto But the first thing we did, as soon as they left, was to crush our toes under our Giant-Trunk-O-Videos.

Others Ouch!

Szak So, we have been packing, hauling, dragging, assembling, and other varied strenuous physical actions associated with moving…

Saga And managed to get through all of that more or less intact, only to severely strain our shoulder while sleeping.

Acto We can't catch a break, really.

Gray Oh, and as soon as we left, one of the computers back at the house died…

Kobi So we had to go back and fix that too.

Maril It took six hours.

Acto The up side being that we got a free dinner outta the deal.

Szak Also since moving into our new apartment, we have learned that there is no limit to the number of truly strange people in the world.

Saga Do tell.

Szak Some old lady with a minivan was outside digging through the dumpster for our apartment complex…

Gray Weirdo.

Szak Truly. She took empty boxes, old sneakers, a broken wagon and this really, REALLY broken desk.

Kobi We checked that desk earlier, and it is in no way repairable. Plus it was a cheap ass piece of crap to begin with.

Saga And seeing as the dumpster is right below our window, we were sitting there watching her do this and listening to her talking to this guy she recruited to actually jump into the dumpster.

Maril All in all, it was a rather creepy experience.

Ryi ? Garbage = fun!

Acto Only you would think so, Ryi.

Ryi ::pout::

Leger And we're getting to know our neighbours as well!

Gray The people on one side are Asian, have a stereo with heavy bass and like to invite girls over…

Szak But the stereo is okay, because we have one too.

Kobi Ours may be twenty years old, but it still rox!

Acto And the people on the other side have a loud TV and a small dog!

Leger We don't know as much about them because they don't have to walk past our window to get to their apartment.

Kobi Fortunate are the people who can actually AFFORD to pay to have an animal in their apartment.

Ryi Ryi wants kitty!

Saga We can't afford a kitty, Ryi.

Ryi ::cries:: Ryi misses Tenchi-kun…

Leger We're thinking about getting a hamster though. You don't have to pay extra for those, but they're still small and furry.

Acto Much more interactive than fish, which we'll probably get too.

Gray I think we scared the apartment managers though, when we found out we could get a hamster.

Szak It went like this:

Me: So, I'm assuming fish are the only things that you can keep in your apartment that you don't have to pay for, right?

Manager: Yes. Fish, hamsters, things like—

Me: Hamsters? ::stands up, fist in the air:: YES! I am getting a HAMSTER!

Others: ::stare::

Me: ::points finger-of-righteousness at mom:: Do you KNOW how long I've wanted a hamster? I'm gonna get a hamster, and I dare you to stop me!

Mom: Hamster = good idea.

Me: … All righty then.

Saga So embarrassing…

Maril We've also decided that we need a hamster for both academic and personal reasons.

Saga First off, we are going nuts being all by ourself a lot of the time, and secondly we plan to practice our Japanese homework on it.

Leger We shall speak to our hamster in only Japanese! It'll be fun.

Gray More fun than learning to write our cat's name in hiragana!

Szak But kind of boring until we learn more words.

Ryi Hamsters = squeaky!

Maril That doesn't mean you can chew on it, though.

Ryi But old squeak toy is all worn out! ::shows off mangled scrap of rubber that gives out pathetic little 'squeaks'::

Kobi Wow, you're right. Hey Saga, when's the last time you got Ryi a squeak toy? This one is nasty.

Saga Last week. She chews them approximately twelve hours a day.

Ryi Squeaky… ::chewchew::

Gray Talk about an oral fixation.

Ryi ::grrr::

Gray Eep! ::hides behind Maril::

Maril Wuss.

Gray You say that, but she has FANGS!

Kobi Anyway, we have also officially started college.

Szak As in attending class and stuff.

Maril You know, when they first tell you that you'll spend the same amount of time in class as you'll spend doing 'homework', you either don't believe them or say 'I'm gonna die.'

Saga But in actuality, most of that time (and yes, you do use all of it) is spent doing reading for class.

Gray So it's not really that bad.

Acto Interestingly enough, the only class we have that we can't stand is our astronomy course. The professor is so BORING! And so is the textbook!

Saga Plus I get Writer's Cramp actually trying to take NOTES in his class. He just flips through those slides.

Kobi Enough about school! School is bad!

Others Hear hear!

Kobi That being said, now it is time for the Convention Chibi, our special guest for today!

Szak Had to get around to it sometime, I guess. ::grabs mysterious rope that is hanging from the ceiling::

Kobi Today's special guest is TRULY very special!

Maril ::evil chuckle::

Others ::stare::

Kobi Erm… she is very special because she is none other than our ever present overlord, flatterer, and person who doesn't actually exist only in our head!

Leger ::gasp:: It isn't-?

Kobi It is! Maestro?

Gray ::drumroll::

Kobi AZUREPOET, come on down!

Szak ::pulls down attic stairs::

Acto Whoa, we have an attic?

Szak Naturally. They're cool.

Azurepoet ::bounces down attic stairs:: I'm GUEST STARRING in CiMH! Today is a good day… ^_^

Kobi Indeed it is!

Saga ::starry eyes:: Azurepoet has finally graced my fic with her presence! My day is now complete! ::walks away::

Maril Saga! Where ya goin'?

Saga Well, my day is complete, so I'm going to go to bed.

Leger ::whacks him:: Don't be a moron.

Gray So Azurepoet, what brings you to grace us with your presence today?

Azurepoet Well, being chibi-ized is ALWAYS fun, plus I'm getting a special incentive for being here…

Acto Whoa, you're getting PAID? None of the other guest stars get paid! Hell, I don't get paid!

Kobi This is news to ME.

Azurepoet Indeed… ::evil look at Acto::

Acto Wait, why is she giving me that look? Guys?

Maril ::whacks Acto over the head with Shears of Doom::

Acto ::from floor:: OUCH! What'd you do that for?!

Azurepoet ::lassos Acto:: Woot! I finally own my very own Acto! ^_^ ::hands Maril a dime::

Maril Success…. Remember, it's ten for the first half hour and a quarter for every fifteen minutes after that!

Others ::stare::

Saga Maril, are you PIMPING OUT Acto?

Maril What else are brothers for?

Kobi I was wondering why he was dressed in leather, chains and mesh today.

Acto I am betrayed!

Azurepoet Aw, it's not that bad! Here, have a gummy.

Acto Gummy? Mmmm… apple….

Azurepoet ::pats him on the head::

Acto ::purr::

Maril See? Now I don't even have to feed him tonight!

Leger Wow. Sweet deal. Do you think there's a market for Saga?

Saga No WAY! Leger!

Maril ::ignores him:: Dunno… I'd have to check my connections. Here, my card.

Leger ::puts card in her pocket::

Saga Leger! I thought better of you!

Leger Pfft. A girl's gotta make a living, hon. Besides, does it look like Acto's unhappy?

Acto ::purr again::

Saga …. Gods help me.

Gray Sorry man, but at least no one's looking at me.

Szak Hey Kobi, wanna split the proceeds from Gray? He's got a large enough following that we oughta make big bucks.

Kobi I like it.

Gray Nooooo! WHY did I say anything?

Maril ::hands out more cards::

Saga Who the hell thought up this lunacy?

Azurepoet Actually, it was my idea! ^_^

Saga Oh. Um… err…

Maril You had Cat Boy D at Otakon this year, didn't you?

Azurepoet Yep! And speaking of which, it is now time for my official Con Report!

Kobi Only long, long overdue, caused in part by our intense summer-time laziness.

Szak Whadda ya mean 'in part'? In TOTAL is more like.

Kobi Quiet you.

Azurepoet Ahem! My Con Report:

Otakon is fun. Cosplay is life. Pretentious, unorganized Otakon staff are evil. The other ones are okay. Money is fleeting as the moonbeam on the cloudy November night. Watch it go:

| + | ß window

Gray Wow. Not every day you actually see money flying out a window.

Szak Only here folks!

Azurepoet In continuation:

August in Baltimore is like walking and breathing in a universal hot tub. Life is like bringing a cooler to a convention: It is heavy and requires many handy friends to carry, but in the end having the cool drinks of experience and yummy sandwiches of wisdom are worth it.

Acto Even if you have to steal someone else's sandwich because no one would make you one.

Maril I think that was just you, Acto.

Azurepoet I move on:

Judging of professional contests is best left to professionals, but the best prize is hearing a giant chorus of audience (and judge) 'boos' at audience judges when one is eliminated, and knowing your friends still worship at your feet. You never truly know your own limits until you attend a three day Con, particularly your abilities to do without sleep and food.

Saga And yet I still mustered the energy to write a DDR AMV review one night.

Kobi But still haven't done the regular AMV review.

Saga Leave me alone.

Azurepoet Heed my words! ::fang::

Kobi & Saga Sorry!

Azurepoet Further:

Meeting famous people brings spice to life, as you can smile with the knowledge that one day they will be asking for YOUR autograph. Plus, you get bragging rights for an indeterminate but really long time. Panels are even more entertaining, because there you can make fun of and piss off famous people, and they think its fun. Seeing Piro in real life is both disenchanting and empowering: He does not really look like that, he looks like the average otaku geek. Seraphim, however, DOES really look like her comic character. Tables in the dealers' room should be open 24 hours a day, and run by robots.

Acto Robots… sweet.

Azurepoet ::pats Acto on the head:: There is more:

The unexpected things in life are like unannounced Con schedule changes: Sometimes they really screw you over, other times they allow you to actually attend that concert you were so sure and so disappointed that you missed. Organizing twelve people is like running a circus, and requires multiple animal trainers who work for peanuts. Planning ahead is the best decision, especially when it comes to sleeping spots and dinner.

Leger Which is why we got the loveseat for all three days.

Ryi And Cheese = dinner!

Azurepoet Indeed. In conclusion:

This year experiences ranged between joy and disappointment, earning money and becoming even more broke than you were when you started, new things and old friends (including the Reverend Brother Pastor Deacon Doctor Nick), late nights and early mornings, happy songs one the subway and seriously sore feet from walking miles a day while not actually getting anywhere. Finally, a Con may be the event of your year, but everyone is glad when it's over.

Others ::applause::

Leger Rah rah!

Gray Encore!

Azurepoet What are you, nuts? No more of THAT 'til next year!

Kobi Well, you heard her folks!

Others Awww!

Kobi Resistance is futile!

Saga And I'm trying to write PH here!

Others ::grumble::

Azurepoet So how long can I keep Acto for then?

Maril How much money you got?

Kobi Be back soon!


Szak – The Public Personality Chibi

Kobi – The Private Personality Chibi

Maril – The Costume Design Chibi

Acto – The Stun-Gun Design Chibi

Ryi – The Artwork Chibi

Saga - The Writing Chibi

Steve - The Studying Chibi

Gray – The Otaku Chibi

Leger – The Daydream Chibi


Azurepoet – Luvley Writer and Con Reporter!

Appearing Next Time:

The Japanese Chibi! Who can translate hiragana?

And the entire regular cast of Chibis! (If they aren't all making names for themselves down in the chibi red light district.)