Now bunnies they like carrots, but they don't like peas or corn And my neighbors got some babies that she says were never born. So now I think about the day when lights shone bright as sun, When the bunnies flossed with cabbage, and my snail he stole my gun. I saw him try to get away, my face was pressed with scorn. I got my car and drove him tires where he was worn But as I got out to check my deed, I wet myself so stunned The bunnies had ate my now they had my gun! I ran for miles, I hid away behind a big cow's rump Wherever I went they followed me, with a jumpty jumpty jump. These hares were quick, and I must say, they knew the terrain well Plus I concede they're much more slick, then me because I fell. As I got up I showed no fear, as they caught me from behind. I decided to show them my bare bum, so pale that it could blind. My pants were off as the bunnies stared into my ghastly cheeks. But they were not blind, and stole my crazy buck-teethed freaks. They had more speed, they had my pants, and they had my trusty gun, Half-naked now and I was ticked, but nothing could be done. I asked them what they wanted, their noses twitched and fluttered. "We're hungry and we want some cabbage, the feisty fellows muttered. Twas late at night the stores were closed, they'd have to wait till day. We made a deal I'd get them cabbage, I'd get my pants, and then they would go away. We slept till the next morning, then headed for the shop. We entered and headed for the veggie aisle, to find their favorite crop. The people there were so surprised they started to rave and rant. It was quite a stunning site to see, hares with a me without my pants. They got away, I got my pants, and now you've got the scoop. They floss with cabbage they've got my gun, they made my snail their poop(.