Ripped out and Stomped On

By: Meredith (French Poodle)

Perfect soulmates
thought by one
Pretend love
hate by another

Best friends forever
Ditch me next year?
Anything to talk about
Love someone else?

I will be there
She's my friend
Cupid I play
Happy are they

She's gone now buddy,
help me out
I love you now
Be with me

No, I say
you love her so
I love you still
or so I think

A new dawn comes
Hello, my love
Do you still love me?
No, you say

I didn't need your love
I needed your heart
to spill your dreams
like it once be.

We were friends
beautiful friends
Once isn't now
wasn't good enough

You weren't my friend
Nearly a pawn
I was ripped out
and stomped on.