What I Declare Independence From

Before I begin, I should mention I had I difficult time with this. "What do I declare Independence from?" I thought. Well, after carefully a careful decision I've chosen that I declared Independence from school. You might ask why. The reason is when it all comes down to it; do we really need to go to school? I mean most of the stuff we learn in school, would we have a use for it ten, fifteen years in life after graduation? I'm not saying on the subjects that we learn and that we study is completely useless, but is it absolutely necessary?

Mathematics, that's a tool that you will need in life. If you buy anything from the store whether it be clothes, shoes, whatever you will need money and know how much it costs. Also you will use math when you do you taxes. Math, now that's a constructive subject. Another productive element to life is English/writing. You will write many things in your life. You can't apply for a job application using incorrect English. You think you'll get hired? Think again.

Unless you became a historian or something as a career, then it's unimportant to me. It's good to learn your history, such as I'm glad I've learned a lot about the African Americans in the past, but to have to study the same things over and over again it school is mind boggling. Another subject that is minor to me is Science. Again unless you become a scientist, you should be made to study it. Art, Music, and Spanish are included in that same category. As for Spanish, I think if you speak Spanish already, you should be made to choose another subject like French or something.

Maybe school all together has no purpose. Maybe they just need to have something for kids to do for eight hours while their parents are at work. Maybe we did this because we are too young for work. Or maybe school does serve a purpose that I'm missing. Maybe we as students and teachers can get something good out of school. What is it? Getting up everyday at six thirty a.m., rushing to try to make it to school by seven forty-five is not cutting it for me. Listening to boring teachers talk about god knows what for eight hours. Dealing with children who are either dirty, smelly, stuck- up, or just plain annoying. Having to be bothered by the so-called security guards saying, "Where's your I.D.?" "Where are you going?" "Go back into the lunchroom." "Go into your classroom." It's just way too much to have to deal and be bothered with.

Of course not all of school is bad. I did meet some very good people who I now consider my friends. Believe me when I say I don't just deem anybody my friend. Some teachers can be fun and not boring. There is also extracurricular activities your can be involved in such as volleyball like I'm in. Still, I think people should have more freedom when it comes to school. We should have a great deal more chose of what classes we can take in school. School is like hell to me. Some teachers are like the devil. Comparison: they both feel like they last for eternally. Well, hell does last for eternally. School doesn't have to feel or be like that. We should have more freedom for school. That's why I declare independence from school.