Channel Surfing


Copyright 2003 Athalia

Staged and scripted worlds flash before me

Life and death inside a miniscule box

That seems to take up the entire room

When I turn my attention to those tiny colored pixels.

Nestling down in the soft couch

To forget my world as I lose myself in theirs,

Knowing that soon I'll have to switch off this mini universe

And gather my shattered IQ off the floor.

Flipping the stations to decide how I want

To jade my image of reality today

Sounds and images flicker like lightening

Starting to clash together in their haste.

As I press the remote I start to hear phrases

Like "Lifetime, Television for-" (click) "Monster trucks!"

But I don't pause as I sail along the sea of stations

Not even stopping for a moment just to help boost their ratings.

As I keep on clicking more voices clash together.

"Today's 'Sesame Street' is brought to you by-" (click) "Playboy Magazine!"

I know it's never to late to turn back and read a book

But the simplicity of this world is dangerously addicting.

"Today on 'Iron Chef' we'll be making-" (click) "Bat guano!"

Somehow the boundless idiocy doesn't bother me at all

Every shred off my ability to judge, think, and reason

Has flown off to some happy little padded room.

And finally, I feel I have lost enough brain cells

Between Soap Operas, infomercials, and a "Village People" concert.

I'll earn them all back by spending the day

Reading a few volumes of the Encyclopedia.

I steal one last glance for now I'm on the movie stations

Torn between "Hamlet" and "The Wizard of Oz."

The last thing I here before I return to reality is

"Goodnight sweet prince, and-" (click) "Flying monkeys!" (click) "-sing the to thy rest."