I'm sitting here, in Dairy Queen, looking buff like Mr. Clean. All of the sudden my stomach starts to ache. I start feeling dizzy, I think I need a shake. Vanilla's nice but chocolates better, I drink my milkshake in any weather. Rain, sleet, snow, or even hail; me and my milkshake will never fail. We travel all around the world, playen trick's on can't drink shakes, or any milk, because they are lactose. We laugh and laugh, they choke and choke. Then we head for the mountains and continue our jokes. We mix the goat's milk, with the goat's pee. Then we give it to the mountainmen..yippee!

Cause banana's nice, and strawberry's bland, I drink my milkshake on any land.. Now me and my shake, we had a headed out east to great Japan. Ke kung chow ti uf de tu nk ta milkshakes rule in Japanese. Giving pandas shakes enraged the samurais, so I threw some shake in their ninja eyes. We ran away, from the sly ended up in a frozen tundra. We tricked the penguins, they didn't care. Then we had to run from the polar bears. We slipped on ice, I broke my shake was shaken, but not quite wrecked. It saved my life that fateful day, and we continued on our dairy ways.

Chocolates nice but your mom is better, we chillen with our shakes in any weather. Rain sleet hail or even snow, I bring my milkshake wherever I go. Went to the Warped Tour to watch some bands, got me a good ol shake in each my hands. We heard some rock we heard some punk. I liked the bands but, my shake said they stunk. Some moshers heard it and started chasing after us, we ran away and caught the nearest bus. We'd escaped the moshers and ha ha, then we got dropped Canada! Yeah chocolates nice but we luv the fruit, Canadian style that's what I'm talken about.