Since the dawn of time, there has been one country that has revolutionized all our thoughts and feelings. First, they sent us a we learned of their their who could forget their world changing "we we's". As time has passed, we have learned to appreciate all the great deeds they have accomplished, even with the lack of shaving by their females. Their ever-evolving ways have brought us to wonder what is next?

French Rocks?

French Trees?

French Feces?

as we all wait, a new French item has come to America. What great thing can be so important that it can be placed with items such as "French Fry" and "French Toast".you may ask? It is none other then "The French Legend".

No my friends, this is not a new game, nor a hit movie. It is a man, a brave man, who all over France was known only as "The French Legend". He fought fearlessly and overcame great odds in defeating the French Militant Marching Militia Men of Morman Ministry(FMMMMMM for short).but that is a different story. This story is one about "The French Legend"'s journey to North America, and of him becoming "The French-American Legend".or maybe "The French-North American Legend" by some. is this legend's name? Where is his origin. Why does he decide to travel to America? Why is my underwear hanging in the my best friend's mother's house? Does anyone care?

All of these questions must and shall be answered(just don't tell my friends about that thing.).WAIT!

.. .. ..

1 Minute Later

. . .

The Legends name revealed! What is this great man's name? Felipe, The French Cowboy.(We found his air line ticket). Felipe's story has been told throughout French, American, Chinese, Japanese, Wisconsin Cheese, and even Martian history. How does one man become a legend? Honour, discipline, and connections. We will now take a look into the American Journey of Felipe in."Amerca's French Fever".Felipe in Amerca.