Chapter 1

"Eve! Eve, are you all right? Eve? Eve open the door please!" My sobs double at the sound of his gentle pleading, and I press my fluffy purple pillow even harder over my ears. He's been there for almost an hour now, begging me to open the door, pleading for me to talk to him. If only he knew how much I want to…

"Give us the money Eve! I won't tell you again!" Janie growls, hey misleading blue eyes fixed firmly upon me. I glance around – there's no escape, I'm totally surrounded by her gang of guys and girls alike. Slowly, I pull my purse out of my pocket and throw it to her, avoiding any contact. What a mistake. I hit the ground hard, and I feel the blood begin to trickle from my temple down the side of my face. I slip gradually into unconsciousness, the last words I hear being,

"Never throw anything at Janie, you runt!"

I'd woken up in the same, cold dark alleyway two hours later, my empty purse beside me, along with a note, which read;


Tell anyone AT ALL, and you'll pay with a lot more than the your cash. We'll know If you tell. I'll know.



I remember gulping softly and dragging myself to my feet, fighting back the tears as I walked along the busy high street. My hair covered the scar on my head, and I'd cleaned away the dried blood with some face wipes I keep in my bag. I opened the door to my house, walked past the living room and was very nearly cornered by my older brother Aaron, or Rocky, as I have fondly nicknamed him after discovering his video collection. But, I made it up to my room before he could see my tears and slammed the door before bursting into deep, harsh sobs. He's been outside ever since. I've tried telling him about it all before, but one name always comes back to my mind. Robert. He's Rocky's "best friend", and, if I were to say anything to Rock, he'd be sure to confront Robert… so many horrific outcomes could come of that meeting that I shudder a the very thought.

So, I stay quiet. Why, you ask? Why can't I just omit Robert's name? Huh. Been there, considered that, and I've thought of two good reasons not to;

1. Rocky would definitely talk to Robert about the whole thing anyways, and he'd still be able to pass on the fact that I told.

2. That'd mean lying to Rocky, which I just can't do.

"Eve please! Eve I can't stand this!" he begs, and I choke on a sob.

"Rocky please!" I reply between sobs, "I'd only end up lying to you!" I hear his forehead hit against the other side of the door.

"Can I at least come in?" I hear the hint of hope shine through in his voice. Well, I guess he's bound to be a little bit perkier. It's the first response he's been able to get out of me since he started. I stop and think. Should I let him in? Should I risk him seeing the scar on my head, the bruise on my arm? Should I subject him to the sight of the complete wreck his sister has become? Why not.