Rebel guy was flying home in REBEL retro 1 from meeting up with his bro. in New York he was flying back to his business and home the Rebel colony, on his intercom came Sarah his secretary saying "Rebel Guy glad to have you back hope you enjoyed New York" "Oh I did Sarah" "Anyway doctor Crowman is just out side your office with me he says he needs to see you immediately" "Ok tell him I'll be right there". Rebel guy landed on the roof of the Rebel colony and he took the stair way down to the lift that he took to the elevator that he took to his secret bookcase he pulled the book on how to get world peace and it opened the door to his office when all the time he could have just taken stair case that led through his secretaries offices and into his. He sits in his chair twizzles it around and click on his intercom and says "send him in". Dr. Crowman walked in and up the red carpet "Sir" he said "Yes" replied Rebel guy "Could you come to the lab please?" said Dr. Crowman in a cheerful voice "Ok dr. we'll take the secret passage" said Rebel Guy.

Rebel Guy went over to his bookcase and pulled down a book, which opened a door to a small passage, that led to the lab. Rebel Guy and Dr. Crowman entered the lab and there was a big machine with weirs and a door in it. "What is it" asked Rebel Guy

This is the ultimate cloning device it works by taking some DNA from a person in other words a small sample of blood place the sample in the machine and the computer will find the DNA code, once the code is found it can be altered to form an exact replica of the person from who the blood came from" explained dr. Crowman. Rebel Guy took a good look at the machine and stood and thought

"What purpose could this machine have" asked Rebel guy

"W-well you could err you could use it to create clones of yourself to help fight crime in the city"

"Look Dr. Crowman I can't have a bunch of Rebel Guys running around Smart City no. one it could get confusing to the citizens and no. two something could go wrong so I'm sorry but the answer is no"


"No its not gonna happen, sorry". Rebel Guy left the lab through the secret passage and cut him self on the jagged corner of the door

"Ouch I really need someone to straiten out that edge" Dr. Crowman walked up too the blood on the floor and picked some up on a plate and put it on a special disk and put it into the computer "you'll be sorry".
Back at rebel Guys office Rebel Guy is on the phone to Mr. Jones his fitness and ninja trainer then Sarah walked in. Sarah is Rebel Guys secretary

"Sir dr. Crowman left and he left this note saying he has quit"

"Hmm I guess me turning down his invention left him mad, oh well, I'm going out in REBEL retro two".

Rebel guy got into REBEL retro two which is his jeep and sets off down the road to his fitness training and all of a sudden out of the blue came another car on the wrong side of the road, and it crashed right into REBEL retro two. Two figures got out of the car and ran off rebel guy looked "I must be dreaming that person looks like me, I'll check it out on the scanner" Rebel Guy pulled out a scanner from his pocket and scanned the two figures that's dr. Crowman and someone that looks like me I'll follow them in REBEL retro one. So Rebel Guy followed them. He followed them right to an old abandoned glue factory. Rebel Guy poked his head in and a crowbar hit him hard on the head. As he opened his eyes it was like looking into a mirror Rebel Guy Grabbed him and smacked him in the face, hard. it knocked him back and stuck him to the wall from some wet glue. Watching from a camera above them was Dr. Crowman not very happy with his loss.

"right where's Dr. Crowman?" Rebel guy was persistent,

"I'm not telling". Rebel guy ran off to try his luck. But after he left Rebel clone turned his own Kinetic energy in to heat and blew a hole in the wall, making his escape. He went to the Rebel colony,

"I'm gonna have some fun here, perhaps frame Rebel guy and take his place as ruler of this wonderful building" it was like the smack to the face had messed with his head. Rebel clone walked in like he wasn't a threat.

"hey Rebel guy I have your paper work done shall I put it on your desk?" Sarah said walking into the office were Rebel clone was lifting Rebel guys personal weights. Rebel clone who she thought was Rebel guy pulled a gun from the top drawer of the desk and pointed it at her,

"shut up bitch get in the chair" Rebel clone tied her in the chair,

"you'll never get away with this Rebel guy, I quit!" Said Sarah in an angry state

"Your fired, now were does Rebel guy keep his." Rebel clone was looking around the office look for useful stuff,

"your not the real rebel guy?, your not, your hair, it's, and your glasses there, stuck to your head?"
Back at the glue factory Rebel guy had found Dr. Crowman, but.

"end of the line Rebel guy" Dr. Crowman had a gun pointing straight at Rebel guys head, but that ain't enough to stop Rebel guy,

"of course it's the end, for you" Rebel guy took the first shot, but not a heartless shot, he stopped Dr. Crowman with an impenetrable bubble dome, "now for me, or him or, oh it doesn't matter"
Back at the Rebel colony Rebel clone was getting restless he needed to kill some one, he pointed his gun at Sarah's head point blank range, Sarah closed her eyes she was upset and frightened,

"now you are gonna die, say hi to grandma for me" Just about to pull the trigger and the window came through Rebel guy was here just in time to save the day.

"Rebel guy!" Sarah was pleased to see him

"Rebel guy!" so was Rebel clone, "I'm gonna kill you now and then take over your life,"

"shut your trap" Rebel Guy shot his bubble dome at him and untied Sarah, "Bet ya didn't see that one coming, the police are on there way"

the police took away Rebel clone and retrieved Dr. Crowman from the glue factory.

"Thanks for saving me Rebel guy you're my hero" Sarah hugged him,

"hey just call me Duke"