Young Aster Starshower takes his quest to find out where we all came from. Genesis

Tell you what, I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I'm going to tell you, what life is all about, I'm going to tell you what god put us on this planet for.

It was a normal day I was sitting in my garden, in the middle of the night, ok not the most normal thing to do but still, there I was sitting in my garden staring up at the stars and the moons of Nita, I have a dream, a dream to see those stars, to see those moons and to see the nine planets of The Calm all close up. No one had ever seen them before, well no one had ever walked on them or even gotten close, the only we could see them is when they line up in visible view every ten years, I saw them my self when I was 7, ten years ago. Our planet is like a prison we can't leave, there is something in the atmosphere that holds us back. Believe me we've tried.

As I was staring up at the stars that night, there they were all nine of them, Heaven, Juna, Grave, Diamont, Distello, Ulna, Colossus, Demi and Hell, they were amazing Heaven shone like a fire-fly, Juna with its ring of glory and Diamont with its own silver shimmer, I wanted to see them so bad; I always wondered if there was life on those planets, like there is on this one.

After about 5 hours Heaven started to fade, usually the planets stay up there for about 6 days, but Heaven is always the first to go, we don't know why, we know very little about our solar system, we know that every thing has an orbit, and a gravitational pull we just don't know what us and the nine planets of The Clam orbit.

As I was about to go into bed I saw something shiny falling from Heaven, as it started to fade. It was falling with great speed. At first I thought it was a shooting star but when I got out my scope I realised that that was no star, it was some kind of shuttle craft and it was heading towards my house. It ripped through our atmosphere like paper and stopped, hovering above me. There was no jet propulsion; there were no wings just a huge round silver ship hovering above me. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was astonishing. I stood and stared for a little while, the craft did nothing it just hovered there above me and my house but then a door started to open and this bright beam of light shone on top of me, I couldn't look up, the light was to intense I felt my feet lifting of the ground and I was flying up towards the ship I was pulled into the ship and I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up on the ship way out in space. "What the?!" I awoke and looked around. I had been placed freely on the middle of the circular plate on the floor. The place looked like it had been made out of glass everything was transparent you could see through all the equipment. I walked up to one of the control panels, every button had a strange letter on it and each one was a different colour, they were sequenced, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Gold on the top row and on the next row below it had Purple, Black, White, Grey and Silver and the bottom row had Violet, Turquoise, Indigo, Pink and Bronze. Don't ask me why I did it, I don't even know my self, I guess I was just curious. At the top of the panel there was a switch, which to me said "turn me on". How could I resist? As a boy all I did was play with all my dads gizmos; Strangely enough if I can remember right this looked like the sort of thing my dad used to build, he had an obsession with space travel and finding out more, every time they showed a movie about it on the TV he used to sit down on the couch for hours on end watching, he always hoped to be able to travel through space, I guess that's what killed him.

I pressed the button on the top of the control panel and all the buttons lit up, the computer spoke and said, "Enbah paswah". I'm no scientist or a translator, but I kinda figured out it must have meant "enter password".

The top line of buttons lit up Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Gold I thought for a while, there has to be a trick to this, what is the link between these colours? Red, Blue and Yellow are primary colours, and Green and Gold are not so may be if I press the primary colours, so I pressed the primary colours; Red, Blue and yellow, a Red light started flashing on top of the panel. "Primah paswah sah incorah", my guess is that means it's wrong, so I did the opposite to what I did before and pressed Green and Gold, a green light flashed on top of the panel, "primah paswah sah corah", the lights on the next set of buttons lit up, "alright!".

Now I used my brain, and used basically the same method, except on this set of buttons, all the colours aren't colours they're shades every one except purple, so I pressed purple and nothing happened. There has to be another buttons to press, Black, White, Grey and Silver are all shades, but gold is and element and so is silver, so I pressed silver. "Secah paswah sah corah" the computer said, "Hey I'm doing alright, just one more to go, hu?" the colours on the control panel were different to the colours before, these where more complicating and made less sense, Turquoise, Indigo, Violet, Pink and Bronze, well I knew that bronze was the right one to press because it is an element like gold and silver, but what other button do I press. Pink, Turquoise, Violet and Indigo are all shades of different colours, Pink is a lighter shade of Red, Turquoise is a Greenie-Blue, Indigo and Violet are both shades of purple, but Turquoise, Indigo and Violet are all abnormal colours and Pink is a normal colour so I pressed Pink, "tersah paswah sah corah" "Wahoo!" I got it right, I was proud of my self I pressed the ok button, nothing happened, "what you stupid piece of junk I strained my brain for you!" I kicked the panel in rage, "OW!" the panel started to shake and this huge machine that hadn't noticed before, began to work.

I ran towards the door, and a huge metal shutter closed upon it, it did the same thing on all the other doors and windows I turned around from facing the door just in time to see a huge blade flying towards me and lodge itself in the all about 3 inches from my face, that was a close call. I looked at the blade it was like looking into space itself, the stars shimmered off into the distance, it was almost hypnotic. I knew I hadn't made this black blade by accident, this was my true calling, this was fait, like someone had set this all up. I pulled the blade from out of the wall; it was light, lighter that air, all I could feel was the handle in my hands and an overcoming power running through me as I gripped the blade. With the blade by my side giving me all this confidence I ventured on into the depths of the ship that had abducted me from my home. The door that was once locked had reopened so I entered it; it took me to a long corridor. All of a sudden I felt like I wasn't on a space ship this was like a corridor in the royal mansion or something, it was heavenly, the walls where reflective, giant mirrors that curved into each other at the top, statues of wise looking men, guarded each pillar. As I walked down the corridor I felt like a saint, or a knight who has just come back from a battle with a warm welcome, every one of my footsteps echoed in the corridor. I started to feel bolder. I had this strange feeling that behind the door in front of me was going to be a leader of leaders, a higher entity, that controls all the feelings within us, I was in way over my head. I stopped before opening the door, I knelt down on one knee and lay my sword beside me, I was trying to think about why I was here, why I had this sword and what may become of this.

As I was sat in deep thought, the corridor began to shake and the statues began to tip over and brake on the floor, not knowing what was going on I ran back to the other end of the corridor and back through the door into the control room. As I ran through the door into the control room I tripped and fell and my sword flew out of my hands and across the control room. Lying flat on my front I put my hands on the floor and pushed my self up and lifted up my head. As I looked up I saw two hideous looking creatures, totally aflame and they seemed to have a molten rock exterior. One of the monsters growled at me with its fiery breath and its huge snake like tongue nearly touching my fore head I rolled back in fright. One of the monsters lunged at me with a fierce attack my only way of defence at the time was to dodge so that's what I did, but the heat of the monsters flame just skimmed me badly burning me at the top of my left shoulder. My confidence had gone I only had hope left, hope that I would wake up and this would all turn out to be a bad dream. The sword that I had dropped when I fell started to move it lifted itself off the ground and flew towards me as it got closer I began to become more confident, I leaped of the floor and grabbed the sword as it was in mid air. The other monster launched a molten rock attack at me and I was able to block the attack using the sword. I took the sword into an attacking stance and I made a fierce attack on one of the monsters and the monster collapsed on it self and turned into nothing but a pile of molten rock on the control room floor, I did the same to the second monster and it did the same thing I had won the battle. Next to the remains of one of the monsters I found a strange looking amulet, on the back of this amulet it said in quote form "magic was my way of life, and my cause of death". I didn't understand, but this amulet just like my sword could be another key to why I am here, they could all fit to make one big story.

"Thank you, thank you so much" a voice said from behind me, I turned around quickly, startled. Behind me there was a man, tall brown hair, completely dressed in white, and he had two great big gaping wings sprawling out of his back, "What are you?" I asked, "well that's a bit rude, you could have picked a more polite greeting like, hello who might you be" the man said , "my name a Gabriel" "Gabriel? are you an angel" I asked with my eyes fixed on his huge wings, "Yes, yes I am an angel, I was sent here to retrieve you, but I forgot you name what is it?" Gabriel asked "My name is Aster, Aster Starshower, who sent you?" I wanted to know why I was chosen, why not any one else out of the 64 billion people on Nita "Your father sent me" Gabriel stated, I looked at him funny, I thought this guy was crazy my father had been dead for ten years now, to the day, "That's impossible, my father's dead" "exactly." all of a sudden the ship began to quake ".not again ok Aster find something to hang on to" Gabriel ran to one of the control panels and started to fly the ship, as he turned I looked out of one of the windows and I saw two huge red and black ships firing torpedoes at us. Gabriel swiftly moved our ship away from their firing range and took us into light speed, "Where are we going" I shouted above the roaring of the engine "To Juna the second planet of the calm"

After about 5 minutes the ships engines calmed down and the ship went silent. "Why don't you go have a look around the ship we will be landing in Juna in about 1 hour so make sure you back here by then" I wanted answers more than any thing, I wanted to know why I was on this ship and why this man, Gabriel, claims to know my father, I needed to know, hopefully I might find something on this ship that will give me those answers. I walked back to the huge doors that I stood facing before I knew now that there was nothing special behind these doors, there is no higher entity, me and Gabriel are the only people on this ship, but what was beyond the door still remained a mystery, I still wanted to know what was behind the door, so I went in. I pushed open the great big doors and behind the doors there was a huge room like a hall, in the middle of the floor in the hall there was a symbol, I had seen this symbol before, it was like a huge ice ball, I had seen on the back of the amulet I pick up earlier I took the amulet and looked at it, I still understand the quote on the back, "magic was my way of life, and my cause of death" the amulet began to glow a bright blue glow and the symbol in the middle of the floor in the hall started the glow the same the symbol on the floor broke like ice, I beautiful entity broke free from the ground, I was amazed, more to the point I was right, there was another life form behind the door. "Who are you?" I asked her in amazement "My name is Shiva, ice goddess" she spoke with a shrill echo, "I have been sent to be your guardian for your long journey head I will be your protection, when called upon" I looked up "Wow you're my protection, are you an angel as well?" I asked her "No I am a sentinel, 1 in a limited species, we protect those who have been chosen by god" Shiva disappeared in the amulet I held, a message came on the intercom, "Aster, this is Gabriel I have detected quite a few other life forms on the ship, it's probably molten slaves be on your guard, I'll be there shortly, don't move" the transmission ended. I didn't move, I wasn't about to go looking for trouble, I was on my guard though, just in case trouble found me. I heard a clanging noise coming from somewhere on the ship, nearby it all of a sudden began to get really hot, I began to sweat. All of a sudden out of nowhere about 10 of those molten slaves appeared, no wonder it was so hot. "ut oh!" I was in a sticky situation, no where to run. "I cast Blizzard" a heavenly voice shouted from above, it was Gabriel he had cast some sort of magic spell on one of the creatures, it froze the monster and made it shatter into a million pieces, well I was amazed. "Here" Gabriel cast a spell on my sword, "ice strike" he called it, "it will make your attacks more affective against the molten slaves", I wasn't going to argue. I swiped my sword at one of these molten slaves and took it down; I felt like I had more power, Gabriel then cast another one of his spells, "I cast Blizzara" he shouted as he through his magical punch at the monsters, he took about 3 quarters of them out in one go. All of a sudden a felt a great run of power though me, I lifted my sword and gathered energy from all around into my sword, and I through my sword to the ground along with hundreds of ice made comets, that took the rest of the molten slaves out, "Wha-what was that!" I shouted in sheer amazement, "That was Starshower, your swords special attack" Gabriel explained. "Cool" I said with a cheeky smirk.

Back in the control room Gabriel was back in control of the ship. I wandered around the cockpit doing my own thing. I stared down at one of the screens and saw a beautiful face staring back at me, "Who is that?" I asked in a loved-up gaze "Who is who?" asked Gabriel. I pointed down at the monitor where my eyes were fixed. "Her" Gabriel looked down, "It's the princess!" he exclaimed, "The sound transmitter must be broken, I can't hear her speak." Gabriel pressed the transmitter button, "I can't hear anything you are saying, Angel can you hear me? Nod if you can." The princess on the screen nodded. She had a very serious look on her face, a look of despair, something was wrong. "Princess, should we come back to Heaven straight away?" Gabriel asked and the princess nodded. "Let's set a course!" Gabriel said running towards the controls. I stopped the sound transmitter, "Gabriel wait, look at the back of the princess's head" I pointed towards the screen Gabriel looked. "Call me crazy but that looks like some sort of weapon" I stated "We mustn't go back." Gabriel stood and thought for a moment, he pressed the transmitter button and said "We're on our way!" "Are you crazy!" I exclaimed "We are not going back, don't worry, I said that to make them think we're coming back" Gabriel boasted "Good idea I said understandingly "I'm setting a course for Juna, the Harvest planet there we will seek allies"

I was still not really sure what was going on, but I was hooked, this was the beginning of a real adventure a chance to fulfil my dream, if only my father could see me now, he'd be proud.