Chapter 4 Juna Across The Mythrill Dust (part two)

We looked over the belt to see Secondary Asteroid, the site of it seemed to imitate hell its self. All the machines where going at once and they must have been powered by a flammable substance because flames were piling out of huge craters in the side of the Secondary Asteroid spiked cliffs. The asteroid was swarming with molten slaves, they seemed to be acting like molten masters because they where forcing the Junisian Mythrill harvesters to work at an incredible rate. We couldn't see inside the caverns, but it must be as bad. We had to get down there fast, but it was impossible to go unless we know what is in store for us. Gabriel came up with idea. Good old Gabriel he always thinks ahead, he had in stalled an invert gravity drive into the ship and into some special suits, this enables us to fly upside down so we can attach ourselves to the bottom of Secondary Asteroid, and the suits are so we can walk upside down on the bottom of the asteroid.

We got back to the ship and we took off from the landing port on Primary Asteroid. Again we had Loco in the pilot seat. The ship ran smoothly making no noise at all. The mirror outer shell makes the ship almost impossible to see in space. We flew underneath the asteroid and docked in a discreet area where it was inaccessible to the molten slaves. We put on our specially modified, invert gravity suits. They were extremely uncomfortable, with all the gizmos and stuff; they jabbed into your thighs when you walked so it slowed down my suppleness and speed. "You could've made them a little more comfortable Gabriel" I complained, "I only had 7 hours to make them, that's 1 hour to think of it, 2hours to design it, 2 hours to make a prototype and 2 hours to build and attach it to these suits, be glad you have them, you could leave it here and float into space, if that's what you want" Gabriel explained sarcastically "If there wasn't too much at stake I would probably take that option" I said trying to shuffle the machinery to stop it from digging in my thighs.

The bottom of the asteroid was freezing, even with these padded suits on. We walked along the jagged rocks and where careful not to step in any craters. Before we got to far from the ship Gabriel stopped us, "Aster, Loco, what ever you do, don't look into the depth of space" "Why not?" I asked, "If you can't handle it you could suffer from space nausea" Loco explained, "I've been into space that many times I've witnessed it, it's not nice to see so just listen to Gabriel, do us all a favour" "Got it" I acknowledged.

We walked along the asteroid, again being careful of jagged rocks and craters. We had to walk about 10 miles around the side of the asteroid. The asteroids were live floating fortresses, right next to each other, if you were to jump off the edge of the asteroid you would fall until you reached the gravity circumference, as soon as you reach there you get swept off into space as if you were being sucked into a vacuum. We wear these suits because they have the ability to keep us on the asteroid by producing artificial gravity. The further we got to the top of the asteroid the hotter it got. I began to sweat in my suit. My sweating gave me suspicions; there must be molten slaves close by. My paranoia began to build, it was watching every where. I was always careful not to look up into the depth of space because of what Gabriel and Loco told me. I began to sweat so much I felt dizzy, I couldn't see Gabriel or Loco nor could I see any thing in front. I stopped in my tracks "GABRIEL!" I panicked, I had no idea what was happening to me, even though I had shouted I barely heard my own words I faintly heard Gabriel say, "Aster, try and concentrate" I could see his blurry face peering into my helmet screen. "I CAN'T!" I panicked even more, I started to feel really claustrophobic and agoraphobia both at the same time, I felt so unstable. I began to go frantic and push Gabriel and Loco out of the way, "Stay back! I'm. I'm not well!" all of a sudden I felt my self falling; I had tripped and fallen into a crater. I could hear Gabriel shouting my name from the top of the crater and he was getting quieter, with a sudden bump I hit a jagged rock on the side of the crater, this broke and damaged all the machinery in my suit, after a sudden pause in mid air I felt my self falling again, but the other way, I was still in an anxious state of mind but I was regaining self control, Gabriel and Loco saw me as I reached the opening of the crater and grabbed me before I fell into space.

I awoke I had no idea how long I was out, and I still felt a bit dizzy. I was lying on the surface of the asteroid. I shook my head and sat up. "What just happened?" I asked "Space dementia" Gabriel said "But I didn't look into space; I was looking straight ahead the whole time"

"no you've got it mixed up, that's space nausea, space dementia is when your organs can't handle the pressure of being in such a wide open space, it'll explain the agoraphobia and the claustrophobia, was the lack of oxygen coming into your brain it's your first time out in space, your organs will get used to it in time" Gabriel explained.

We snuck past most of the molten slaves, they were marching in groups of four, and molten slaves where circling the huge spiked mountains where the towering flames burst out. The sound of chains and marching was really the only thing we could hear. Was I hated the most was the sound of the chains; each clang sent a shiver down my spine. "What are we going to do? We may have got past these molten slaves, but those flying slaves on patrol, are sure to spot us sooner or later" I was being cautions I didn't want to get caught when we were so close. "We use the power of invisibility" Gabriel said "You can do that?" I said "Well kind of; I can blind them temporally so that we can get past the forces and into that cavern" Gabriel Pointed as he spoke "Go for it!" I said in support. Gabriel sat in a dark corner and chanted his curse. "comah kah malah visah sah imparah" with a very bright screen of light the molten slaves, had stopped and looked confused, I realised that we had alerted them, but at least we had the chance to run to the cavern before they had a chance to see and catch or kill us. We made a break for the cavern, unnoticed.

The cavern was dark and hotter than out side, we walked carefully into its depths. Gabriel illuminated his staff so that we could see were we where going. "Usually these caverns would be dripping with water" Loco said, he put his hand on a rock pointing down from the ceiling of the cavern, "Ow, now the walls are dry and hot" he said holding his hand from the burn. "Hell isn't a delightful place" Gabriel said, "and this would be the starters". We heard a screech from the entrance of the cavern. We had been noticed by one of the molten slaves. All of a sudden every thing became a panic, we had to run, so we did. As we ran, dodging dangling rocks on our way, we felt the ground rumble, it couldn't have been a molten slave something big was chasing us.

The heat in the cave was growing more intense. All of a sudden running became a task. It wasn't the heat from the caverns ahead of us that was slowing us down, I was the body heat from what ever was chasing us. I shouted across to Gabriel while I was running and dodging rocks, "What is that thing that's chasing us?", I couldn't look back, I didn't know what it looked like, but I knew it was close and dangerous. Gabriel cast mirror into his staff, and saw the reflection of the monster chasing us. The ground began to quake "it's a Firgaon" he said calmly, "is it dangerous?" I asked, "what would be your ideal way to die?" Gabriel asked, "peacefully, after living a complete life" I shouted back over to him, "Why?" "now think of the opposite" Gabriel shouted back, I thought and sped up into a sprint. Loco was ahead of us all, but he was slowing down, when I eventually caught up to him I picked him us and stuck him under my arm while still running "Put me down I can still run!" Loco shouted "sorry Loco but I'd rather you lived".

The caverns seemed endless, and we we're getting pretty tired pretty fast, all of a sudden the quakes stopped, so did the sound of the foot steps of the Firgaon. We felt no threat so we stopped. The Firagon wasn't there. We waited around anxiously. I put Loco down and decided to catch my breath. It was all quiet, but it was too quiet, Gabriel saw something in the darkness above our heads soaring down on us at tremendous speed, "DUCK!" Gabriel shouted as the Firagon swooped down, I could feel its breath as its teeth just missed the top of my head. It disappeared back off into the darkness above us. "it'll be back, and this time it wont miss" Gabriel shouted, "we have to run"

I felt so useless running, I know it was the best way out of the situation but I just had this ambition to do some fighting, I was growing impatient. As we ran I could here the ear-splitting call of the Firagon, it was almost like it was playing with us, it would scare us for a while and then swoop down to see which one of us it would pick up. I felt a gust of hot air rush past me, this was a message telling me to look out I knew he wasn't far behind, I looked behind me to see nothing but darkness, I looked ahead to see noting but the same thing, I couldn't even see Gabriel or Loco any more, if it wasn't for the sound of there footsteps, I wouldn't even know they where there.

"look there's an off road" Loco shouted. There was a turn off in the Cavern into a dark hole in the wall. I made a quick swift dive just as the Firagon was diving in to try and take my head. Me, Loco and Gabriel were safe, but for how long? that was the question. It was very Dark, and the cavern was that small I could here my heavy breathing echo. "Gabriel?" I said "Where are you?" "I'm over here aster" Gabriel replied "but I don't think we're alone in this cavern"