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Three weeks had past without a word from the Amrian, Flame, who had vanished from the X-Squad's HQ sometime during the liberation battle. In spite of countless search parties her location remained unsolved and would remain so for a long time yet to come.


The young woman stirred and opened her eyes. She was in a large, quite dark room, lit only by a few weak rays of light of the sun outside. Looking about her in the room she saw that nearly everything in it was dust covered, faded and broken but glancing up at the ceiling she realised that it must have once been an attractive, well decorated room.

The door at the far end of the room opened. She stared at the creature that entered. Her mind whirled as the creature spoke her name,

"Welcome, Saeri of Irvayo."


Sequel to come:

Saeri of Irvayo: Shadowed Truths