Moogleville: Enter The Knight Of The Night

Moogleville quiet, peaceful and calm the middle of autumn and sorceress Kara was trying to improve her magical powers instead of turning every piece of fruit in her house into socks if she don't improve soon the place will be out of fruit and fruit trees. Coops, loyal knight too Princessmoogle, was training in the coliseum although it seemed to be set on easy because he has no one to fight all the Knights chickened out, they would probably rather wash there mums feet than fight the well trained arts of Coops. The special ninja Xaja code named Snake was using his special stealth techniques to sneak up on the talented Coops. But. "WAAAH!" Xaja needs more practice on his stealth techniques because Coops had caught his on his attack and sliced his black clothing down the middle and Xaja was left there stood in his under wear, stood with his arms in the air and a red face all embarrassed while all the soldiers looked at his and burst into laughter. The coliseum was full of laughter.

In the depths of the desert a not to far from Moogleville stood a knight he looked dark and evil his helmet the colour of black and blood red his crest on his armour showed the evil eyes of the night. He stuck his sword into the hard ground and crashed down on to his knees he looked up and could see the top of the enormous walls of Moogleville. He got up on to his feet but finding it hard, his armour was all rusty and stiff he shoved his sword back into his holder and carried on walking.

Finally someone was ready too challenge Coops in the coliseum and she was proving herself to be very good, Neris, a true warrior, Coops was exhausted he had never had a challenger this worthy he wasn't going to be beaten. by a girl, it would look really bad on his reputation. Neris swiped her sword making huge dents in Coops's armour all the other warriors were watching in amazement as she whooped him good. Finally he gave up he couldn't take it any more. He would never hear the end of this. Just then came a knock at the coliseum gate. Direct orders from the princess say that the gate is not to be opened to strangers, so no one opened it, it kept clanging. "are you quite finished we are trying to train here" Neris shouted through the key hole, and then a sword shot through the key hole just missing her face, Coops stood on guard with his sword blade raised above his shoulders. Snake, the crafty one of all, still working on his tricks, decided to test him self. He rapidly crawled up the side wall of the coliseum and over, he crawled in to the village he could see and hear screaming villagers running for there lives, Snake could see a knight attacking the villagers, he was shouting in a deep voice, "where is the great warrior I have heard about, the one they call Coops" Snake, scared out of his wits, crawled back into the coliseum, "give me the report Snake" said Coops, relaxing his arm and hanging his sword beside him, "you ain't gonna be pleased, he looks angry" said Snake "what, what is going on" Coops said raising his arms, "it's been nice knowing you pal" Said Snake patting Coops on the shoulder, "look Snake tell me or I'm gonna stick my sword so far down your throat I'll be able to cut the label of your wet suit" Said Coops raising his sword, "ok look number one it's a stealth suit and number two that guy out there is a knight who wants to challenge you" "what!" Coops exclaimed "challenge me Coops for I am your equal" Shouted the dark mysterious stranger, Coops stayed within the walls of the coliseum he was not yet ready to battle he was still tired out from his battle with Neris, but on the other hand to defend Moogleville is his job. Snake took another look see, "he's leaving" he shouted "who was that does any one know?" asked Neris, she took off her battle armour and sat down to have a drink of water, "I don't know but I think the princess has a right to know and I'm the only person who know her exact whereabouts, I'll go look for her Neris your in charge" Coops jumped onto his white horse and rode out of the walls of Moogleville.

Shortly after Coops had left another knock came on the Moogleville gate. Neris could not let any one in, she was scared, she didn't know who it was it really could be any one, the Princess, Coops, any one she looked through a small gap in the gate to have a look. She saw a collapsed man. Neris pulled open the doors and dragged him in. his clothes were all tattered and dirty, but the one thing Neris could not shake were his dashing good looks, it was like she was immediately attracted. She put him in the safe room where he was looked after, she sat beside his bed until he woke up. About 2 hours later the Princess came back with Coops. The stranger had not yet woken up. About another 3 hours later he woke up Neris stood up and put her hand on his forehead, "it's ok your in safe hands just rest for now" the stranger sat up, "I'm ok, could I have a drink of water please, I've been out in the desert for so long." Neris Calmed him down, "shhh I'll get you some water" she left the room. The stranger sat up, "I'll find him and he'll suffer a painful death" Neris came back, "here drink this, it will restore your strength and energy" the stranger drank it, "hey that really does work" he got up and rubbed his face with both hands, "you know you are really cute" he said smirking, Neris giggled, "thanks your not so bad your self" she walked up to him and gave him some new clean clothes, "here put these on and I'll give you a tour of the place"

"ok this is the laundry room, and here is the door that leads to the princesses dining room" said Neris giving the man the grand tour, "oh by the way I never got you name" than guy looked at her, "it's Snake, Solid Snake if you want to be precise, my mum and dad were major gamers" said Solid walking behind Neris, "I see, well here, this room is the one you really want to keep away from" said Neris pointing to the door of the room, "why what danger lurks behind door number 3?" asked Solid, "it's sorceress Kara's training room, or as we in Moogleville like to call it, secondary laundry room" Said Neris "why is that?" asked solid, Neris started to move on, "you'll find out soon enough" then from the room, came a cry, "orange into. apple, AHHHH stupid socks oh cruel cotton why do you mock me" Solid looked really confused. "Ok and here we have the throne room where you'll be denied access" Neris looked around and Solid was gone, vanished, "where did he go" Neris ran to the square table where Coops was practising his new protection system, "Coops we have a stray visitor!" Said Neris out of breath from the run, "what who let him in?" asked Coops, Neris put her head down, "I did, he looked helpless he needed medical attention, food and water" "you had no authorisation to let any one in the Moogleville grounds, stay here I need to tell the princess see what she thinks" Coops ran off to the throne room. When he got there the door had been left ajar, Coops drew his sword and burst in the princess was sat on her throne perfectly still and perfectly quiet, "princess are you ok", he got closer and she had been tied up and gagged. Coops ran up to her and un-gagged her. The princess took heavy breathes, "he wants you Coops, get out of here" cried the princess, "not without you, I can't afford to put anyone in jeopardy" Coops tried to undo the rope that the princess had been tied with, "it's no good the rope is made from diamond thread, the only thing that can break it is diamond itself, the diamond sword in the dining room might work, stay here" Coops Ran towards the door, "Like I have a choice!" shouted the Princess. Then from the top of the large throne room, purple drapes jumped the dark knight fully armoured and equipped with his sword, "I challenge you Coops" before the dark knight could strike Coops with his sword, Coops swung around with his sword and blocked the dark knights fierce attack. The Dark knight dropped painfully to the floor, "I have challenged knights from around the globe and you Coops are the bravest and most talented" said the dark knight with a deep and fearful voice, "well you know, I hate to brag" said Coops, "well your modest" shouted the Princess sarcastically, "any ways enough chit chat lets battle" Coops raised his sword, "right you are" The dark knight pounded his sword down at Coops. Coops confidently blocked the attack swung his self round the back of the dark knight and took a stab but missed, as the dark knight had vanished from his original position. Coops turned around and only just blocked another one of the dark knights fierce attacks. As the two knights were hooked in head to head battle Neris and sorceress Kara where walking by the throne room to see the horrific duel and the princess tied down, Neris ran to get the Diamond sword, for she could recognise diamond thread from afar, Kara looked and thought (yea, I can do this) Kara pointed her magic wand at the duelling knights and shouted "DARK KNIGHT INTO LIGHT KNIGHT!" the Dark knight froze in his battle stance and with a puff of smoke he was surrounded, after the smoke cleared the Dark Knight was no more than an insane lunatic who thought he was a moose, by the name of Phillywoo. "I'm coming princess. I'm extremely confused" shouted Neris paused in confusion by the nut job bouncing around in the middle of the room shouting "I'm a moose and I'm gonna charge ya with my antlers" Kara was clenching her fist in anger, "it didn't damn well work, well it did, kinda" Neris realised "oh" she stated.

After the ordeal Kara and Coops were both awarded with a Moogleville medal of honour. as for Phillywoo he was given a nice bouncy cell with sound proof wall so he can moo and squeal all the noises of the farm, "MOOOOOO, SQUEAL , BAAAAAR, GET OFF MY LAND" he would cry.

As for the creator of the dark knight, his identity will remain a secret for now, as he wonders off into the desert to devise a new plan to over take Moogleville. "why do I get the feeling there is something missing?" asked Snake "oh well that's because there's probably gonna be a sequel" answered Coops.