Moogleville: he came to kill and conquer

"I can do it, I can do it" Snake the stealth ninja was assigned to explore the coliseum because an intruder had been detected roaming Moogleville without a user Ident, Kelpie had picked it up on the scope, she was out there with Snake but she was checking the eastern premises. Snake saw a figure swiftly skim past the south west area of the coliseum, "all units report to the south west area of the coliseum near the nut area, he may be going after of farmyard friend"

The intruder entered the nut house. He unlocked the door leading into the main hall off the cell room. He walked down the hall, he could faintly the cry of an insane maniac, "I'm a MOOOOOOOOOOOSE, Let me out so I can become one with my LAND, MOOOOOO, QUACK, SQUEAL, DADDY, DADDY I WANNA GO ON THE TRACTOR, COOCOO" the cries got louder as he walked further down the hall.

"Coops, Coops I'm falling in on my position, OW, literally, OO my head" Snake rubbed his head. Kelpie jumped down, "Snake are you ok?" she asked, pulling down her silver mask, "well now that you mention it, maybe you could kiss it better" Said Snake bashfully. Then came a big crash from the nut house, and a loud cry that sounded like a cow having constipation, "maybe later" Kelpie slid her mask back on. The two ninja stepped into the hallway, "there is someone down there" Snake stated, "lets take it to the top" Snake Jumped to the ceiling and cleverly and sneakily crawled across the dark hallway and Kelpie followed but along the ground. Snake jumped down beside the man and startled him, he ran down the hall and Kelpie stopped him and Snake clubbed him across the head, and knocked him out. "great job Snake, are you sure he's alive?" asked Kelpie "yea, he's breathing perfectly, that bump on his head isn't gonna do him any good though" Replied Snake "bring him to the princesses throne room he needs to be judged, he better have a good reason for his intrusion" Said Coops over the com-link.

The intruder began to awake, he shook his head, blinked and rubbed his eyes, "what hit me?" he asked him self. He was laid in the middle of the throne room, looking up he saw the huge room glass walls all the way up to the rounded ceiling where it curled off with huge spiked roof guides blunt from the wall and they steeply became pointed towards the centre, from the centre a huge pillar ran down joining down to the princesses chair where the princess was sat looking at him, Coops the left of her and Neris to the right. The princess spoke, "stranger, why are you here?" she asked, the stranger took a while to answer, "I, my name is Radu." the stranger replied, he was interrupted by the princess, "your name is not important at this point reasons for your intrusion however are valid, if your reason is decided by the court around you as valid you will not be punished, Do you understand?", Radu looked up and to the side of him where Kelpie and Snake stood looking at him making sure he has no means of escape, Radu walked slowly towards the Princess Snake and Kelpie followed him to make sure he made no sudden movements, "Princess I came here to seek my brother" Radu smiled as he spoke, the Princess looked confused, "your brother?, which individual within the walls of Moogleville would he be?" the Princess asked, "he is not and individual who has lived here since the beginning, he is a member who has been recently discovered as a threat and I shall gladly take him off your hands" said Radu slyly, "this man you speak of would he be the knight who tried to attack my loyal guardian?" Said the princess as she stood up onto he feet, she walked up to Radu, "would that be him?" she strictly stated, "Sadly yes" he replied with false despair "I don't believe you" said the princess right in his face, "Snake, Kelpie take him to a cell in the south west quadrant hold his there till tomorrow morning, he will questioned again, and this time we want the truth" she walked back to her seat.

Dear diary I have spent one day in Moogleville and I find it a little strange. I have tried to lie to try and get my self out of here faster but it is not working. I have seen my step brother, what have they done to him?, he is now an insane nut screaming the noises of the farmyard, words like MOO, OINK, SQEAL AND SUPPERS READY BOYS COME AND GET IT!. I am to be judged again this afternoon, I guess I have no choice but to tell the truth this time, this princess of theirs is very smart and beautiful non the less, I love the way her long brown hair cascades over her shoulders and lovely brown eyes, could it be I'm in love with this brunet beauty?, yes it could. "ok your up for judge, you ready to tell the truth this time?" Snake said clanging on the bars, Radu got up, "yes I am, and in advance I apologise for my intrusion to you" Radu walked ahead to the throne room, snake was confused.

"Radu are you ready this time are you ready to face us with the truth of why you are here and please don't try lying again we don't like it and I can se right through you" Said the princess sat in her throne once again same as before, "I am ready your majesty, I shall explain my real reasons for being here but first I would like to apologise to you princess and to everyone else in the throne room for my false reasons yesterday" Radu walked a little closer o the throne, the princess was impressed never had she seen such a change. "your majesty I came here not in search of my brother but my step-brother, know here as the farm yard loony. He is in grave danger especially now he is unable to defend himself, my farther, his step dad has heard of his recent loss and is now in search to kill him for his failure and take Moogleville himself, he already has control over seven different town and villages." The princess believed Radu this time he spoke so sincerely and so truthfully. "Radu, when do you think he may strike?" the princess asked, "it is hard to tell he may be on his way now with his armies ready to attack" Radu answered, "What is his name?" asked the princess "his name." Radu paused a while, "Barret Wallace".

"Troops, you have been well trained over these past few months, Moogleville will be our greatest challenge yet, their defences are great, their troops fight with awesome skill, but you are better" Barret Wallace talking to his men. About 500 kilometres out from Moogleville, Moogleville is in clear view of them.

"Coops lead an army out to The desert keep them as far away from Moogleville as you can" the princess ordered, "yes Princess I shall not fail you, YAH!" Coops pulled up his horse and rode off out of the gates with his troops. "Kara I am trusting you too Take Phillywoo to a safe place, Snake, Kelpie you go to, for Kara's protection" The princess ordered to them "Yes your majesty" they all ran off.

"I'M A MOOOOOOOOSE, MOOOOOOOOSE I TELL YA, GIMMIE YOUR WHOLE GRAIN, FIRE AT THAT PHEASANT SON, HE'S EATING THE TOMATOES" Phillywoo was shouting at the top of his insane voice, "Man that guy has flipped completely what are we gonna do with him?" Kelpie asked, "Well magic and apply a silence spell, which will place him in a deep sleep" Kara said Pulling out her wand, "Lunatic be good and as quiet as a lamb" a huge puff of smoke surrounded the lunatic, once it cleared it wasn't quite what Kara had expected. Phillywoo had turned into a Knight but not a dark knight he was dressed in a shiny coat of armour and a yellow star shone in the middle of his chest as his emblem, he spoke, "My name is Phillmour, I am inhabited by the spirit of the eastern warrior and I am at your command" he said in a deep voice "What is he talking about?" Snake was confused, "My step farther is close I must go now" Phillmour walked out of the cell and out of the asylum, "Where is he going?" asked Snake "To confront his step farther, duh" said Kara stating the obvious,

Out in the depths of the desert conflict has erupted between Barrets army and Moogleville. The hoards of people clash with their furious fighting weapons and fury. Coops was galloping on his horse barging soldiers to the floor, he saw Barret taking down his troops. Coops rode furiously up to him with his sword way up high pointing forward Barret saw him and moved swiftly out of the way, behind Barret was a rock pointing straight up out of the desert floor Coops's horse didn't stop in time and collided hard into it, Coops came off his horse. He wasn't going to give up, his heart and soul was into his job he was there to protect the princess and all of Moogleville. Coops stood up and sprinted straight through the crowd of fighting soldiers, suddenly Coops's crest began to glimmer and shiner more than it usually does, it completely changed from the princesses family emblem, which was two swords pointing straight down running parallel, and the top section is divided into two sections of fire on the left and ice on the right, into a golden Sagittarius and four silver stars in each corner. Coops was blinded by the light and he tripped to the floor his sword flew 5 ft. in front of him. Coops stood back up and looked at his crest, he was confused the Sagittarius started to glow lightly, Neris rode up, "Coops are you ok, here your sword we need to get to Moogleville" Coops jumped up onto the back of Neris's horse and they rode out of the crowd of fighting warriors and into the gates of Moogleville. Coops jumped off the horse and so did Neris, Neris began to run into the coliseum, coops stood still, "whats wrong coops" Neris asked "I have no idea Neris I just have this sudden urge to say." Coops's voice grew deeper ".my name is Coops and I am inhabited by the spirit of the northern Warrior" Neris looked shocked, "WOW that was scary" she shouted, coops looked as Neris's crest not as scary as that, Neris's Crest began to glow just like Coops's did before. It shone a dark green colour and when It stopped shining it left behind a crest with a carving of the three Sirens, when Neris touched it, it left a texture effect of water. Neris began to speak, but not of her own free will, "I am inhabited by the spirit of the southern warrior" she shook her self out of it, "oh god this is getting freaky, c'mon we need to get to the princess" Neris swung her sword and it made a soothing musical sound, that nearly put coops to sleep. Coops snapped out of it. "what was that?!" Coops exclaimed, coops noticed that Phillywoo's cell was empty "what the hell?" all of a sudden a knight just walked up to them shining with all his glory "you hold the crest of the Sagittarius and are possessed by the powers of the northern warrior, and you have the crest of the Sirens and possess the powers of the southern warrior" Phillmour spoke "ok something tells me that used to be Phillywoo" Coops said "our swords must be joined and evil will be banished" Phillmour spoke again "okay, whatever happened to moo" coops exclaimed. Neris held out her sword,

"I believe him lets try it" they all put their swords together and with a flash of light the armies of Barret Wallace fled, leaving Barret to be decapitated by a random soldier, there came a huge cheer from the people of Moogleville.

Radu stood far out in the desert his chest lit with a crest of a lion. "so the collective is complete" he said as he turned around and walked away

"oh great here we go again" snake muttered, "there's gonna be yet another sequel" "how do you know that?" coops asked "I didn't get a big enough part" snake explained ".plus who ends a story like that" "we'll just have to wait and see" said coops