Am I allowing the pain inside?

When I've fought so gallantly

to stop it;

from entering my gates.

They seem to just sway right in,

no questions asked,

and nothing said,

it just whispers to me,

telling me what I want to hear,

until I realize its all wrong,

I open my closed eyes,

and see nothing,

the burning sweat

pouring down my hair.

I grip hard with my hands

onto this gate,

guarding and blocking evil,

pushing it closed,

with all my might.

Making sure,

no more evil thoughts

enter in ever again.

But they always surprise me,

breaking down my gate with all

of their hatred,

jumping and tackling me,

taking over my veins,

making me suffer.

Crying tremendous

amounts of pain.

When will the torture end?

this stupid cycle

happens every day

my bruised vision

can no longer hide inside.

Because they have taken over

the entire system.

Do I have enough strength

to repel their power?

To raise my fists up high

and scream with all my might,

"My soul is pure and good,

and you shall never take it from me!"

the rising echo

shakes the entire foundation

of my thoughts,

shattering them into trillions of pieces,

frightening the evil out of my soul,

sending it flying far away from me.

Taking a deep breath of fresh air,

regaining my strength,

rebuilding the lost pieces,

I know they will return.