This is the city of lost dreams

A place where nothing is as it seems

This is the place where dreams come to die

A fantasy lost from a childish mind

Here are the dreams of a pirate king

The wishes for gold and other such things

Here is the dream of a family by

A boy who then went on to fly

Here is a dream by a wizened mage

Of a world of knowledge and a golden age

Here are the dreams of a legend'ry king

But the castle he built is crumbling

And one dream shared by many folk

An oft-told legend of a city of old

A place where knowledge and peace held sway

Lost beneath the sea and the crashing waves

Dreams of the warmth by people in the cold

Memories of youth by the weary and old

Hopes for the future by the young and spry

In this city where dreams come to die

This cursed place where dreams come to die

Doomed for eternity to watch the world go by

Overlooking the city in a tower of stone

Sits the skeleton queen on her terrible throne