(A/N: Goodness, but this is old. It's the oldest poem I have that I haven't thrown out, so it has some sentimental value; I don't think it's very good anymore, though.)

I believe there are things hidden

That the eye's not meant to see

And I believe that there are other worlds

Where the impossible can be

I believe magic does exist

Just beyond my reach

And I believe there are ways to learn it

And people who are willing to teach

I believe that books are portals

To many a different realm

And I believe you are the only one

Who can choose to take the helm

I believe that ghosts are real

Spirits with tasks to do

And I believe they walk amongst

The living, me and you

I believe that it is possible

To travel to the past

But I believe what's done is done

We shouldn't meddle or we won't last

I believe there are pathways

From my world to some other

And I believe I'm not the only child

Who'd like to travel to another

I believe there is a way to go

I just don't know how

And I believe I'll find a way

The right time's just not now

And I believe that you won't stop me

From going where I want

For all your power, money, gold

Won't impress me if you flaunt

I believe that you'll find out

That determination wins

So I'll see you next on the other side

Where the magic begins…