I could tell you a story you wouldn't believe

About witchery, trickery, things that deceive

You're still far too young to know the ways of the world

But I know them already, and I'm still a girl

There's injustice and cruelty, malice and spite

And people who'll rob you as you sleep at night

There's murder and mayhem, cheating and lies

Even the sweetest may be death in disguise

Watch where you're walking, look where you step

The merest mishap could mean instant death

There are people waiting until you fall

And trust me, little one, they won't help you up at all

They'll wait until you make one mistake

And anything you have worth taking, they'll take

They'll leave you alone, hungry and lonely

And you'll think to yourself, if only, if only

Don't always say what you think, little one

It will come back to haunt you, and that's never fun

Words come easily, but you can't take them back

And they won't save you when things begin to look black

The world is a dark place, and not only at night

If you want to survive then be ready to fight

Try to make allies, but never make friends

When you are too trusting, your downfall begins

So don't forget the dangers that wait in the world

Remember, I've seen them already and I'm only a girl

But, little one, don't trouble your head

My throat's sore from talking, and it's time for bed