Theme Song - Whispers of Fate

Intro: (Latin)

Hic est clamor belli

Ferox carmen victoriae

Surgite, nymphae terrae

Surgite, ossai gentium mundi

Carpite tympanum belli

Tollite poculum

Portate clamorem


This is the war cry

The wild song of victory

Arise, spirits of the earth

Arise, bones of the world

Seize the war drum

Raise the chalice

Carry the cry


The world is changing

Can you hear the clash of arms carried on the wind?

Where the grey sky rolls down to meet the blood-soaked earth

And across the fathomless sea, the wind carries the scent of death

Terror has arisen

Magic on the water

The storm is coming

Its passing will shake the world

Cleanse impurity



The fire is burning now

This is my salvation

Mountains will bend as the flames reduce the world to dust

Ashes to ashes

The water is burning now

This is my salvation

The seas will roar as the war drum sounds from the tower

Dust to dust

Carry the ancient blood through the ages

All fall before the Queen...