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Demintia in Platerair Language means: People of Twilight. The planet was named so, because the planet had to cultures: Light Platerair, and Dark Platerair. The people of the planet have no machinery to help them whatsoever, but things they use are powered by the unlimited magical energy of Demintia's aura. Every 200 years Demintia aura reaches Earth, and if the people wanted, can have a looksie of Earth. On the ground level of Demintia called: Garden of Enchantment, lies endless places of wonder with flowers, trees, lakes, waterfalls and protecting the ground level are Guardians, and Neo-Guardians. I'll explain this all in due time. Near the Portal of Sanctuary lies a teleporter that magically teleports the being to the higher level, above the clouds called: Mystical Domain. You might say that it's a different dimension, because in both places you can feel the sun, and see the sky. The Mystical Domain is where all Platerair's live. Before the ruling of Maya and Odin there was once a red barrier called: The Blood Saver, used to keep Dark Platerair's from coming into the Light Platerair's land, and likewise. Above all of this is a place where the gods and goddesses live called: The Ascension Plane. A place of few words.
Family Bio's and Whatever Else!
Adelina Brelin (Angel): A woman who survived the Berilium Massacre, only because of the fact that her childhood friend saved her life, resulting in said's death. She has a strong will, and after 10,000 years decided to marry a noble: Nicholas Macquene, who wasn't her soulmate, and have 3 children whose names are: Maya, Ryna, and Peter. Adelina is the true queen of Brelin. If the fact remains true she harbours no great love for Ryna, Maya's twin, but no one knows for sure. She has pale blond hair, and deep navy blue eyes. Her looks are passed on to the female generation of Brelin. After Maya's ruling she ascended to her goddess form, and every 100 years comes for a long visit.
Nicholas Macquene (Angel): A noble whose father served his wife's parents, resulting in a arranged marriage. Ask him and he'll say he holds no grudge and he never regrets it a bit, and that he loves his family unconditionally. Since he married into the royal family he ascended with Adelina to The Ascension Plane. Ask him about it and he'll roll his eyes and laugh at the name. He has dirty blond hair, and light blue eyes that seem to always twinkle with laughter.
Peter Brelin a.k.a Chameleon (Angel): First born son of the Brelin Throne, and the first to be ridiculed, because he was born with dark green hair. He enrolled in a school which trains men to become Bodyguards, at the age of fourteen. His soulmate was of the Dark Platerair culture, her name was Melody, but she died a year after from The Bodyguard's Curse. He never lets anything bring him down, and always tends to tell a joke at the wrong time. After becoming a full fledged Bodyguard, he changed his name to a codename called: The Chameleon. Privately he wonders if he could have been the one to heal the rift between Dark and Light Platerairs, if he hadn't become a Bodyguard. Only his partner, best friend, Luke a.k.a Larvae knows of this. He has his father's looks, and jolly disposition.

Ryna Brelin (Angel): She is the oldest of the twins, by two minutes, and the second (and last) of her siblings to have dark green hair. She has the gift to summon The Elementals; a gift that was supposedly long dead after the Berilium Massacre. In the Berlin Family the daughter rules, and the birth of twins means ill fortune, and the fact that there was two 'twin' daughters of the Berlin Family meant great misfortune. Only the pleading of her father and brother stopped her mother from banishing her from the castle at a tender age, instead she was banished at the age of 16 in the middle of winter. She wandered aimlessly into a forest until she collapsed from the coldness at someone's front door. Here she met her future husband Owin Arrowin, Demintia's cold-blooded assassin, though she didn't know it at the time. She was murdered as well as Owin, and reborn somewhere else. Thanks to Odin and Maya their memories were restored and they both married and had a daughter, her name is Ryowen Arrowin Brelin. She is a shy, gentle woman who managed to turn her soulmate from a cold, ruthless assassin to a gentle, caring father.

Maya Brelin (Angel): The youngest of the twins, and most stern. She never really had a childhood, and because of that, never really had a sense of humour. Although she is amused by her husband's, and soulmate's childlike perspectives. She loves her family, and descendents, but has trouble showing it. She met Odin for the first time in the forest while he was bathing in a pond, even though Odin insists that he felt her come many times while he was bathing, which he then receives a bang in the head with her scepter for his insistence. She married Odin, and had a daughter, named Shimaya. Maya inherited her mother's pale blond hair colour, and navy blue eyes. She also wields the Forbidden Magic, and the inate skill is passed down her line.

Odin Arrowin (Dragon): He too is a twin, and the youngest of the two. For dragon clans however, twins meant great fortune, and strength to come. He is the only Platerair that is able to wield two swords, since the rest were murdered in the Berilum Massacre. A two-sword wielder is born every 100 years, but after the Berilum Massacre 10,000 years ago, no one was born having the ability to wield two blades. Then, Odin came along, a twin no less, and everyone celebrated, but his mother. She died when he and Owin were playing outside, his father came and sliced Owin and Odin near the corner of the eyes, both of their scars face eachother, during the process of slicing them both, their mother pushed them away, meeting her demise. Odin is the God of Swords, and such wields Illumina and Dark Sphere, keepers of their respectable element, and only he has the ability to tap into their full potential. Odin is a very happy-go-lucky, and has child tendencies, even though on the inside he is actually a very smart man. Odin has hair that shines brighter than the sun, when struck by light, and it is passed on to the fortunate females in his line. Odin also wields the power of Sword Magic, that had long been dead even before the Berilium Massacre.

Owin Arrowin (Dragon): He is the oldest twin, and has the power of Judgement, which allows him to kill a person even if nicked by the blade, or the weapon will just pass through them, if they are judged correctly. So far, his Judegement Star has not failed in it's decision making. Besides his Judgement ability that no one has, except his own daughter's souped up version of it, he has the magic of the Ninja Clan, although never being near the secluded shinobi's. and so he is gifted as well. Even though a twin to Odin he does have differences. 1. He has pale blond hair, 2. He has icy blue eyes, and 3. He is taller. The only thing that does look alike is his handsomness.

Luke a.k.a Larvae (Dragon): He is the silent type, and not much is to be said. He is a Bodyguard, one of the best in history (what they have of it), and only Peter equals him. They first met after his brothers and Peter's sisters married, reluctant at first to be paired up with a man outside of his clan, but then it turned to friendship after some brawls. He aids the heirs of each line, but he has not been able to awaken from his sleep that he has slept for 350 years. He goes into his sleep at the beginning of Hope's birth. He gives advice when others are down, or in need, and it is advice from being one of the oldest Platerairs, excluding the royal families who have ascended.

Cecily Arrowin (Dragon): The second oldest, only daughter, of the Arrowin Royal Family. She was training to become a Protectress when her mother was murdered, and so the duty of false motherhood was placed on her shoulders. She loves to look in the mirror, and throw kisses at herself, during the times she gets to rest. Unlike her two out of three brothers, Luke, and Owin, she hates reading, and cooking, but is always making sure that all her brothers do nothing foolish. She insists that they all practice each day, walking properly, since it seems that the Arrowin male line, especially Odin, trip over invisible objects, or slip on invisible water. Her mother was actually the true royal family since her father's family long before, took the throne, even though his family was of noble's. The Arrowin Royal Family has two distinct appearances, that would let even the dumbest person know that they were of the Arrowin Line, 1. The slitted pupils, and 2. The mark of flame, that is always on the left arm, glowing brightly like a flame would. Her father's was black, while her mother's was the actual flame, signalling the true lineage. Cecily looks like her mother, but with hair that is white, and seems to glow. Her eyes are the same icy blue as, Owin's, and Luke's. She also wields the ability of Star Magic. She is in a way, a perfectionist, being the only daughter, and obsesses about her looks, and face. Which is probably why she twists gold chains throughout her hair, making it look like it was streaked with gold.

Kirkaska Arrowin a.k.a Kirkaska Mokchano (Dragon): He isn't going to be in the storyline much, but he has some parts in the story. A man who holds a item, that seems to hold a insane personality within it, which in turn made him do the things he did. He doesn't have the slitted eyes of the royal family, because he isn't. He belongs to a line of nobles, who overthrew the true royal family. He gained the flame, by claiming the throne, when it was time, but it turned black. So, he looked all over the country of Arrowin, until he came across a family with red flames, taking the only daughter of the family, he then married her. His goal: To have true heirs, and used Catherine to do so, but she wasn't his soulmate. Back then, before Odin and Maya found eachother, all Platerair's didn't bother to find their soulmates, because that would have possibly led to either a marriage of an outside clan, or culture, and after the Berilium Massacre the usual I-don't- care-if-my-soulmate-is-outside-a-clan, went downhill. The Blood Saver Shield was placed, cutting half of Demintia, Angel's, Dragon's, Ninja's, Sylvan's, and Fairy's, Dark and Light, despised each other. For some reason though, whenever the Starlight Ball came around, everyone danced with diffrent races, cultures, and gossiped with eachother, like it had been before the massacre.

Catherine Arrowin (Dragon): She died on a sunny day, while watching her two younger boys playing happily in a meadow, in the middle of the forest. She turned her back for just a minute, to admire the ring of flowers, when cries rang through the forest. She a minute later, pushed them both out of the way, and the sword, that belonged to the one she loved, sliced through her, killing her. As she lay bleeding to death, she mummured in the ancient tongue of her ancestors, and cast a spell. Only dragon's have this technique, though it was long forgotten, and only royalty knew the spell, it was a spell of protection. Her spirit, transformed into it's reptilian form, protected the ones that were closest to it, as it lay dying, which happened to be Odin, and Owin, who were a meter from her.

Shimaya Arrowin Breylin (Angel/Dragon): At first, she seems like a total stuck up snob, but as a person gets to know her, she is actually very gentle, and caring. Because of her dragonistic heritage, she now has two sides talking to her, each one a part of her, and yet never actually her altogether. She holds the power of the Forbidden Magic, but doesn't wield her father's Sword Magic. She can't wield two swords, because she prefers a bow and arrow, and is a expert shooter. Deadly, right? An angel with wings, who can fly in the sky, and shoot her opponents from afar. Her pupils are very exotic, star shaped (the sign of the Brelin Royal Family), which has a white slit in the middle (sign of Arrowin Royal Family). Her looks are that of her grandmother, except that she has her father's golden hair, with her mother's navy blue eyes. Unlike her Aunt Cecily, not to mention her mother, she isn't obsessed with her looks, but she tends to whine when she doesn't get what she wants. How her husband can stand her, no one knows.

Ryowen Arrowin Breylin (Angel/Dragon): Now, she isn't the kind of person you want to mess with. Mess with her cousins, and you mess with her. She has neon colored hair, and her father's icy blue eyes, but is very shy, like her mother used to be, around boys her age. She covers up this side, by being tough, and kicking other people's asses. For some reason, even with her mixed blood, she doesn't have wings, some people accuse her mother, because Ryna was referred to as a abomination, and those 'some people' get beat up by Owin, and Ryowen herself. She is neither a Protectress, or a Soldier, but a Guard. I'll explain this later. She is quick to anger, and loves the thrill of battle. Her favorite weapon? A staff that can turn into a sword at will.

Guy Birldin (Garkonan/Human): Unlike his race, he hates battle, and he doesn't eat his victims. He is very gentle, and kind, much like Odin, but his strength is what makes him so likeable. His race was gifted with the ability to easily destroy a boulder with a few good kicks, and punches, and he likes to eat, like (you guessed it) Odin. He was visiting Earth from his planet, where he first ran into Shimaya, who gave him a slap in the face, even though he had tried to step out of the way, and the fact that he was watching where he was going. He is the prince of his planet, but he doesn't flaunt it. Perhaps, the only reason some (and I mean some) Platerair's tolerate him is, because he is a prince, and he is Shimaya's soulmate. He has merry light sappire colored eyes, and seemingly grey hair. He was granted eternal youth, and life by his wife. They had a child, and her name is Kaeyra. Because there was such a high percent of human blood in him, his Garkonan blood couldn't dispell it.

Kaeyra Arrowin Birldin Brelin (Angel/Dragon/Garkonan): The reason you don't see 'human' in her blood is, because the Garkonan race had the ability to erase human blood from a person, or mingle it's own blood in other blood's. Thus, she isn't human, but nor is she Garkonan, this is because that blood mingled in to create a Garkonan Platerair. She is, however, granted the bonus benefits of strength of that race, but she only uses it to defend herself. She was the fourth of the Brelin Family to be called a abomination, because unlike Light Angels, she has purple colored wings, and not pure white. She died, at a young age, but was reborn somewhere, because her grandmother wished it, otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to be reborn, or revived back to life. She met Vincent Valentine (From FFVII) while working for Shinra, as a assassin, back then, she didn't care about how many people she murdered, just as long as she got paid. After she met Vincent though, she changed back into the way she used to be in her past life, though at the time she didn't know that she was reborn, she only reserved her kind, and gentle self for Vincent. Then, after she got pregnant with two children, and finding out that Vincent loved another, she didn't tell him about her pregnancy, but watched him from afar. Witnessing the horrid experimentation on the man she loved caused her to break, and assuming him dead, after Hojo told her that lie, she ran (well, flew) to the secluded villiage of Larlian, where she gave birth to her two children. Named Vince (Real name: Vincent), and Riya, a girl. She then, put an enchantment on their bodies, causing them to not age, or grow from their child stage, unless she took it off. She has her grandfather's golden hair, and her father's blue eyes, that turn icy when angered. She too, like her mother has the pupils of a Dragon/Angel Platerair.


Portal of Sanctuary: It happened like this: The Platerair's of Light and Dark loved plants, and so after hearing that a blue planet had exotic flowers, all decided to go and get some flower seeds. The trees on the blue planet, were some that they'd never seen either, and so some went to take a little bit of essence from the trees. It didn't harm the trees, for they cut a place on their skin, causing their blood to drop to the ground, healing it, giving new life, and just as they were about to magically transport back, the humans arrived. Seeing that they had no magical abilities whatsoever, and being a normally peaceful race, they didn't attack. Some were captured, some were killed, the women held captive were ravaged, the men sold into slavery, the children beaten, and the Platerair race dwindled. The daughter of one of the most powerful Dark Platerair Royal Family's died saving Adelina, this caused the friendship, and peaceful ties between both cultures to vanish. The Oldest Queen of Fairy's managed to create a portal, that enabled for the rest to escape, leaving some loved ones behind.

Blood Saver Shield: A shield put up when the Berilium Massacre ended, and it's does just as the name implies, because, besides the fact that the princess of one of the Dark Family's died, but also the fact that both cultures were looking for another reason to get at eachother's throats. A new cuture is in the middle of the Blood Saver Shield, how they managed to build right smack dab in the middle of the Blood Saver is anyone's guess, they are called the Hybrid's.

Starlight Ball: A ball where all Platerair's get together, and no racial differences bothers anyone. The Starlight Ball is held every 5 years.

Enchanted Forest: A place where it is said where the Dragon's of Elements house in. The Enchanted Forest is in the Mystical Domain, and covers a lot of the southern part of the Domain. This place is a calm place, the tree canopies block out much of the sunlight, giving the forest a serene look to it. No one has dared enter it, rumors of Platerair's of Light and Dark never returning from within, caused everyone to not even go within a kilometer of it.

Enchanted Garden: Some say that on the far west side lies a temple where the Elemental of Nature resides, not one dares go near, because there are beasts (demons) roaming about in that section. The demons do not keep the Elemental from harm, but rather keep it locked up. The plants are cared for by one of the Earth Priestess , one of it's servant, as she was the only servant able to escape from the temple safely. The Enchanted Garden is the first level of Demintia, where the Portal of Sanctuary resides, but the reason why the demons have not entered outside of where they roam is because the Neo-Guardian's, and Guardian's keep them at bay.

The Mystical Domain: I said this in the beginning. A place where Platerair's of Light and Dark live, but some live down in the Enchanted Garden. Both levels have sunlight, and nighttime. Human's who have heard stories of how Platerair's were a peaceful race, have been misled, they are but people with problems too.

Ascension Plane: A place where the King and Queen of all kingdoms go, after their heir finds a mate, or is just ready for the throne. They could just as easily come back down to the Mystical Domain and live there, but sometimes they need some peace and quiet. They are able to transform into their God, or Goddess form after they ascend just once, once they ascend, they turn 21.

Soldier: A man/woman who protects certain kingdoms, and aren't exactly elite, but aren't weak either.

Guard: A man/woman who is second in skill to a Bodyguard or Protectress, but they are always related to a person in a kingdom. Ryowen is one, and she guards her family very well.

Bodyguard: Men who are trained to protect those in need, but usually those who are related to royalty, usually swear to forever serve their family for all eternity. Bodyguards have an oath that says that they can't mate, and only few have broken this rule, causing these few to lose their gift of magic. They have a year to find their soulmate, before the soulmate dies from the Bodyguard's Curse, in worn out tablets it says that there are some exceptions to the Curse.

Protectress: Women who swear to protect their family's. They are few in number, because royalty is only excepted. Protectresses don't die from the Bodyguard's Curse, (if there soulmate is a Bodyguard) because the power of Deminitia protects them. Cecily happens to be the best Protectress in the history that they have. Theey also have a oath that says that they can't mate.

Bodyguard's Curse: In a tablet, it describes how a Bodyguard, whose heart was courageous, and true, was murdered by his soulmate many years after falling in love with her. So, Demintia in her childlike way, wished to protect her sons, by making it so that they were never harmed again, thus, creating the Curse. The tablet was founded over 20,000 years ago, and was brought to the Elimar Kingdom, (Not necessarily a kingdom, but it's the size of it, and it's where men train to become Bodyguard's) for safe keeping.

Sorceress: The term means wife, lover, and soulmate of her Knight. She heals, or aids her knight, while he is her personal protector.

Knight: The term means husband, lover, and soulmate of his Sorceress. He is the sword, and she is his sheath. Both protecting one another, but they can have their arguments. Just look at Maya and Odin, except it's more like Maya fighting with Odin, since Odin really doesn't know what he did to deserve a shout.

Neo-Guardian's: They are a diffrent race than a Guardian, but Platerair's tend to think that they are the evolved form of a Guardian. They have looks of a Platerair, but with characteristics of an animal, or strange colored skin. Like, blue skin with stripes, a tail, long ears, and claws. Kittie, was Odin's nursemaid, and belongs to this race. They are allowed to freely come and go from the Mystical Domain if they please, some even live in the Domain. Either male, or female has magic. They can talk out loud.

Guardian's: They look like normal animals, except that they are slightly larger, and can talk mentally. Also, in battle they can summon armor to their forms, and attack. They have magic just like a Neo-Guardian.

Tetra-Guardian: Holy Goddesses! They are of a diffrent race from Guardian's or Neo-Guardian's, and they can prove it. They look 100% like an animal, or lizard, except that they can walk on two feet! They are taller than even Larvae, and that's saying something. The female's are as tall as them, and just as hairy, or scaly. Most Platerair's are fightened of them, but Hope befriended one of them, and he serves her loyally. His name is Kagen, and he looks like a gigantic wolf, very muscular, even though his fur hides it, and he;s a general of the whole Tetra race! You wouldn't want to get on his bad side, or harm Hope.

Elemental Tears: Tears that are shed from the Elementals, and were once used to boost a Summoner's magic. Each Elemental has a temple, and has servants called either priest or priestess, depending on the gender.

Elementals: Beings that are king or queen's of their elements, and they balance the magical energy of the Enchanted Garden. Even though one Earth Priestess was able to escape from the temple, she can't control nature, and balance it, and so the Dragon of Earth does most of the work, with the help of her own servant: The Shaman of Earth.

Dragon's of Elements: They are all female, except for the Dragon of Darkness, and help balance out the magical energy of the Mystical Domain. The Dragoness of Earth, however, is ailing in health, since she is helping balance out the energy of her own element in two places, and the rumor that is going around each Dragon Platerair is that she will die soon. All Dragon's of Elements have heirs of their own, fortunately, created asexually, except for the Dragon of Darkness, who is unable to birth like that. So, he is the reason why Platerair's have gone missing, near the Enchanted Forest. He doesn't kill the ones that do not fit on his list, but rather makes some his servant, or gives some to the other Dragon's for servants. His own Shaman, of Darkness, doesn't like this, since she is in love with him, and if given the chance, would gladly birth his child, but she is unable to do so, because of her position.

Shaman's: All are female, and because they are Shaman's can not give birth, or have any interations that would jepordize their virtue, for it is their strength. A Shaman can't die, because of the Life Crystal, it goes for all Platerair's too. The Platerair's that have been taken by the Dragon of Darkness are transformed into Demi-Shaman's.

Demi-Shaman's: Few in number since the Dragon of Darkness wasn't able to snatch anymore Platerair's for his heir's. They have abilities to serve all of the Dragon's of Elements, but choose to stay where they were put. They protect the Enchanted Forest from demons.

Life Crystal: A Crystal that was created long after the Berilium Massacre, and after a Platerair turn 18, and if killed outright, is revived, or reborn if 16, younger means death, and no benefits.

Platerair's: Are both Dark and Light, and Hybrid. Light: Variations of blond hair, and blue eyes, but Odin's hair color was never seen before. Dark: Has black colored hair, sometimes a purply black, or bluish black. Eye color consists of violet, yellow, red, or orange. Hybrid: Has either Light or Dark mixtures, but you can tell a Hybrid Platerair just by looking at him/her.

Human Hybrid's: Some courageous Platerair's went back to the blue planet, and took the half human/half Platerair children, and secreted them away to Demintia. They were unable to rescue the pure bloods, because they were murdered after giving birth by the humans, or serving their use. Poonie (He hates his nickname.) is a Human Hybrid, and has eternal youth and life just like a pure blooded Platerair. He thinks himself as a father figure to Ryna when they first met.


Hope I got everything I wanted down! If you're asking who Hope is, here's a answer: She is going to be in the last of my story, she is the second heir, and she isn't listed up in the people, because I was lazy. As a matter of fact, most of the family isn't up there, but I needed room, so I didn't bother. They will be a part of my series! Don't worry! I'll make another little info thingy! In another part of the series! Well, I will write if I get some interesties! :)