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* Only True heirs that have the Flame (which is the sign of the Arrowin Family) on their left arm, can be True Dragons, which just mean that they have another part of them that is an actual dragon. That also means that they can transform into dragons. Perhaps, if you read the info thingy you'll get it.

*Remember, Ryna, or Maya, haven't even been born yet. So, it's not until they get older that they meet their soul mates, Owin, and Odin. Then, they have children, which results in a mix of blood. Now, their children are Half Angel/Half Dragon. I'm not necessarily spoiling it, because its right on the first info thing.

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~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Two Broken Men ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Luke sighed to himself, and took off his mask. His hair had grown longer, till he had to tie it in a ponytail, but his bangs still came loose, and shadowed his face. How long had it been? Since his voice was sealed away? He'd been allowed to do simple things, like sighing aloud, and the act of sobbing aloud, etc. as well. Any act that required no use of his voice. It'd been 20 years. The first time he had cried was when he had heard the news of his mother's death, 75 years ago. The letter had said that she had been wandering in the forest, when a beast attacked her, killing her instantly. He forced those memories away, and got up slowly, the bed creaking as he did so. He was about to admire the beautiful, green scenery out the window, when one of the younger trainees burst through the door.

"Larvae, we need your help!" Luke blinked at that, and was thankful that his back was turned.

'Larvae' his codename, he changed it when he had become full-fledged, as was the proper custom, and honor of a Bodyguard. He still wasn't used to being called that, and probably would never be, but hoped that his brothers would call him his real name always. He was one of the best Bodyguards, the council had told him so, and only one rivaled him. That man was: Chameleon, or otherwise known as Peter. An Angel no less, royalty like him too, and it somewhat irked him. Not that he was jealous, or anything. That was a lie. He was a dragon, and therefore got jealous over everything, got angry if someone looked at what was his. What used to be his...


His soul mate, he had only known her for a year, before she was taken by the Curse, but had loved her, cherished her, like she was the only thing that mattered in life. Even though no one spoke of them, but there were Sprites of every element, everywhere. Ovelia happened to be a Water Sprite, sapphire hair that fell down her back like a waterfall, and lapis lue eyes to match her ever present smile. A smile that was forever to be covered by water, upon her request, he had taken her to her favorite lake, and had placed her there. She would forever be with the element she was born from, and he would forever be incomplete. Just like every other man, who had become full-fledged like him. What he was, however, more jealous of anything, was the ones who didn't get their soul mates claimed by the Curse. He was also kind of happy that those few, had Protectresses as soul mates, cold as that may be.

He blinked once more, and looked at the Gemstone Timer... Only a second did it take for him to think of all that. He turned to the young boy -Carshal was it?- and gave him a inquiring look. He didn't really feel like talking mentally, it actually gave him a headache. Carshal drew in a deep breath, before talking rather fast,

"There is a mission! Report to the Hall to get your assigned duty. You full- fledged, will be briefed on your instructions." As quickly as he had come, he left in a rush, to inform others possibly.

/()/ This is stupid!/()/ His dragon suddenly yelled, annoyance in his tone. Luke-Larvae, walked out the door, and continued down the hall to his left. He ignored his dragon for now, later he would talk to him. /()/ Your mask! Your cape too! You forgot them!/()/ His dragon added, in a chiding way. Larvae growled to himself, and turned around quickly, causing him to bump into a man about two heads shorter than him. He looked down, it was a man with the most abnormal hair color he had ever seen! His eyes flashed a brighter blue, as he realized who he was: Chameleon. He had never met the man, nor seen him, but had heard about his description. Right now, Chameleon was wearing his mask, that looked like it had a strange greenish blue hue to it, and some armor... Or what looked like black clothes, a gold chain around the waist, silver steel knee pads, vambraces on his thin metal gloves, and with just a dark green armor plate covering his chest.

Larvae himself didn't wear anything special, just a thin cloak, that covered everything, and hung down to the floor. It looked like a simple, weak navy blue cloak, but it was a magical cloak, able to withstand the blows of the sharpest swords and reflect magical attacks, and enable the wearer to be unharmed in any occasion. Unfortunately, Bodyguards were to discard any cloak, or extra banned accessory off of them when fighting, even their mask. He didn't really need the cloak, as a dragon of the Royal Family of Arrowin, he had a special defense. It was his back, if he turned, and a blow was to come his way, an aura of power would surround him, and repel the hit. There was a downside to everything though, he couldn't reflect magic attacks, which was where his cloak would have been needed. Damn, Council... He looked back down at the smaller man, and examined him.

He was like he had first noticed: two heads smaller than he, and not too muscular body, Larvae supposed that he made it up with his nimbleness, as it was apparent with his thin, but muscular legs. A man who could fight with his own body as his weapon. However, to other Platerairs, it would look like this Angel had no weapons, but Larvae knew better. He had little metal flaps, that were closed now, at the knuckles on his metal gloves, obviously used to store something of weapon value.

His dragon watched the man closely, he was an agile one for sure, and a powerful magic wielder. They had best watch out for this one...

Only another second it took for Larvae, and his dragon to examine the man before them. "Oh, sorry. You must have not seen me so tall, as a giant of the mortal world, are you." There was a joking humor to this oddball's light, carefree tone, and it annoyed Larvae greatly. That joke, WAS supposed to be a joke!? That damn, feather for a brain, idiotic man had just insulted him! If he ever came across him again... Larvae shook his head, and continued on his way, purposely shoving, the shorter bastard of a man, violently with his arm. There was an exclaimation of surprise, and then, "Hey! It was just a joke! Take it easy!" And still, there was that damn merry tone in the Angel's voice.

Larvae looked over his shoulder, and seen the man shake his own head, and walk in the direction of the Hall.

~*~*~*~*~*~ The Hall ~*~*~*~*~*~

Peter stood still, watching other full-fledged Bodyguards take their places on cushioned chairs. Everyone, but him was taking the stools set out for them. Why couldn't everyone else stay true to the book? Bodyguards were supposed to stand up when summoned, not sit down, sitting down was just being disrespectful. The head council member, named: Himon Raynill, walked up to the long polished table, and took a seat. Lazy bastard, he was a Bodyguard himself. Before Himon got a chance to speak, however, the opposite doors to the opened ones, burst open. It was the tall man he had bumped into, and the man who had looked about ready to kill him for that joke he had made. Unexpectantly, causing Peter to catch his breath, the tall, now cloaked, and masked, man leaned on the wall.

Himon looked over at the newcomer with fondness, and stood up, raising his hands, and motioning his hands to him, "Ah! Here's one of the best, and brightest of Bodyguards we have ever seen! Everyone, you should know him, his name's Larvae, and he will be one of the leaders of the squads we will be picking." At this, Peter noticed Larvae stiffen, like he hadn't even known what was going to happen. Just as quickly, though, Larvae leaned back casually against the cold stone wall. Interesting... Peter turned his attention back to the table.

Himon was passing out rolled pieces of paper to each, and everyone. The sound of paper unrolling was heard, and echoed throughout the dome shaped room. A page scampered over to him, and handed his own parchment paper to him. He unrolled it, and looked at it, and stared.


And stared...

On it was whose name? But the man who had looked at him murderously in the hallway: Larvae. There were a few other names on it, but the top one, symbolizing the leader, was the man diagonal to him, who was looking at his own paper. Peter guessed that the men, who suddenly turned their heads toward Larvae, were the men accompanying them. Three men... Just great. All they needed was the unlucky number 5, it could have been 4, but no... It just had to be 5 altogether.

Just great...

~*~*~*~*~*~ Campsite ~*~*~*~*~*~

"Hey, Mern! What's our mission again?" One of the younger Bodyguards, named: Glergin, asked one of the other two younger Bodyguards.

"I dunno, ask Hechimar." Was his answer from the badly speaking, Mernik. Glergin shrugged, and went to ask Hechimar.

Peter sighed, and looked at the still lit up azure sky. Their mission was to check out the disappearances of a few children in the town of Isharia. Bodyguards weren't supposed to be doing this, they were supposed to be assigned to families, or their own family by now. Not do these types of things. Oh wait, the book DID say something about things like this. Oh, well, it was to help children, and that's all Peter needed to know.

He turned his head to their ever so silent leader, and rolled his eyes. The man had not taken off his mask, nor had he bothered talking to them, it was irritating Peter.


Larvae stared at the lake, not far off from their campsite, and was immediately reminded of Ovelia. The reflection of the sky on the lake mirrored her hair color so perfectly, and he felt the need to scream, but knew he would never be able to. Only simple things that didn't take much energy he could do, like a grunt, and it was bad enough that only the Council knew of his volenteering of his voice. They had lied, told him that they had asked other trainees, and he had been a fool to believe them. He had let them take his voice... He had been so naive.

He turned his head, to find his rival staring at him, he turned his head back toward the lake.

This was going to be a long mission...

~*~*~*~*~*~ City of Bafillark, the bad side of the city ~*~*~*~*~*~

The victim barely noticed his approach, and possibly his own death, lying lifeless on the floor in a pool of dried up blood. Kaverk didn't take pleasure in watching his victims die, but rather watched fascinated, as they always looked about, eyes glazed. He always wondered what they thought about in their last moments... Probably not much, maybe a flicker of a image, because he killed them off swiftly. With quick ease, he bent down, and he ripped the dead man's head from his body, with his own black leather gloves. The head would be proof that he'd finished his assignment, with one last look at his victim, he jumped, and landed on top of a three-story building. He needed to get to the Guide quickly, before the head disappeared, meaning that the body was going to the Life Crystal. However, the man would not be revived, but rather his soul would be going into a life being created. It was like being revived, or reborn, but not. Your soul only did this, if say, your head was cut off, like this unfortunate fool.

The Guild Master better be happy...


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