January 23, 2021. Something grows in the back of my mind. I feel it strengthen every day. A commanding presence I cannot hide from, a dark secret no one must know. Silence saves the I really want to save the masses? Should I even bother to hide my disease? These thoughts trouble me, but at the same time I feel empowered. My mind is decaying, I can feel it. It is only so long till itwastes away.

That was the day that David Wallert had disappeared and his journal had been found, along with his entire immediate all had then been corpses. No one really knew where he was, what happened, or anything of the sort. This personal journal was full of dark thoughts, radical ideals, and some things that simply were a lunatics rantings. Whatever it was, it was something worth looking into.

It had been two years since he was called in for work, since he had been given a very long "Vacation." He really was just temporarily fired. Then when they needed him again, they begged. They pretty much got on their hands and knees and kissed his feet. But, he wouldn't take his cheap office job back, he didn't want to help design computers anymore. So he had taken a police job, and now was involved in the case with David Wallert. His name was Jake Veskie, he was 27, about medium height and of medium build, he had long black hair, and most people usually told him he should get a haircut, which bothered him cause he liked his hair how it was. He was a very simple person, this kind of thing to be put on him so early in the morning was a pain. This 'Madman's Journal' was the last thing he wanted to deal with today. After 3 months of nothing he figured they should just give up. But of course, they said he had to keep on this one, no matter how long it took. They were dealing with a 'nutcase' and a 'killer.' This was no small thing, they had said. It didn't even register as important in Jake Veskie's simple mind, he just was just doing his job.

He turned on the radio and they were playing some oldies. He didn't really care for them, so he changed the station a few times. There wasn't anything worth listening to on the radio, big surprise. He shut off his radio and looked around his cluttered desk. Some papers were laying around, so he decided to stack them up in a neat pile. Everything was ship-shape, or so it seemed. Or so it seemed. The journal, it wasn't here. The thing he had been using and reading, trying to figure out for so long, was missing. Jake looked through the papers frantically, throwing everything he just stacked up all over his little office. When all had cleared he ran out of his office and bumped into his boss, Bob, and knocked him a little bit, making him take a few steps back "Watch it Jake, what's the problem here?"

"I lost the journal" he replied, breathing nervously,

"YOU WHAT?" he yelled angrily,

"I said I lost the journal!" Jake replied.

"Are you sure you didn't leave it at home?" Bob said his voice hinting anger, he wasn't one to get angry, ever.

"Maybe I did, I should go check probably" Jake said and walked off, not wanting to hear what else Bob had to was not a good person to be around when he was angered. Jake got into his cheap old '19 chevy, and started driving home, slowly yet surely, wanting to take it easy so he could take most of the day off. More of a skipping work thing, but he didn't care. The light turned green and he took a left towards McDonalds, went through the drive through and got a burger, then drove off while eating. The driveway nearing, he finished up his burger as he turned in. He got out slowly and walked to his door on his one story, three room house. As he opened the door and walked inside the wind picked up blowing a cold breeze in and moving his hair into his face. He moved it out of his face as he walked in, only to find David Wallert sitting on one of his chairs holding the journal "Good evening sir."