The man with the dark eyes rose from the chair. Jake veskee was now staring directly at the man that had baffled every government agency, a serial killer that left no traces at all. This man was in Jakes House. Killed over 100 people in 27 different states. The man stood quietly, staring. The killer's features were strong, his eyes sharp, and he looked to be in shape. His eyes rose to the mans short hair. It was a very dark shade of brown. His face was calm, but a feeling of intense hate and anger seemed to seep out from him. The man made his move to speak, his voice cold enough to chill to the bone.

"I believe this is mine," he spoke quietly gesturing to the journal. "It is very personal, and I do believe you have read it." He turned his head to Jake, eyes meeting his. Jake was nervous, he sat there, unable to think, only able to nod. He wanted out of there. The Ghost, David Wallert, was staring at him, talking to him, and in his house. Wallert spoke again.

"Do you understand what you've done? You've invaded my privacy. My personal thoughts, and ideas, all written down in here." He placed his hand on the book. "It hurts my heart to be violated in such a way," he said placing his hand on his chest. "But perhaps you can help me. I live a miserable life. No one can help me, but one like me. Do you understand? Maybe. Maybe not. Your eyes say you don't, but I do not trust them." He pulled a gun out of his coat. "I have a question for you. Did you understand what I said in any of my journal? Did you feel you knew?" Jake Veskee nodded his head quietly, and then a bullet through the head ended his life.