He fell. He was tumbling through endless white. The light at the end of the tunnel perhaps. He was unsure. He remembered a gunshot. Dead? Was he.. dead or dying? As he tumbled through the white, he saw it suddenly stop, and at the stop was a fine line of black. Was it really the blackout at the end of the tunnel? He could see it better now. It was growing closer. Or larger. It was hard to tell which it was. He couldn't feel his arms or legs or anything. He could just see it. Closer... Closer... and then.. he hit the black line with a loud thud.

Her name was Elena Etrude Evans. She was 22, a young police officer, protrolling around a small street with a few quaint houses. Then the call came in on her radio. "We have reports of a gunshot at 1033 S. Berlain ST. All nearby patrol cars are to report to the area." She sighed and groaned. She was only a few blocks away from Berlain ST. Just her luck, on a day she did not want to do anything. She sighed and brushed her curly light brown hair out of her face. "This is patrol car 15. I'm going to head over there, I am only a few blocks away."

He looked around. It was all white except for right below him. Blackness. He could stand on it. He had feet? Why could he not feel them. His senses were deadened. No feeling. Nothing but white. Purgatory? Perhaps. He began to her the tap of feet coming closer. Tap. Tap. Tap. He had ears? Who was he? What was he? He could see. And he could hear. Could he taste or feel? The tapping stopped and a woman in a cloak rose from the blackness. She smiled and spoke in a tongue he did not understand. He didn't understand it? "Why are you here?" What?

Elena knocked on the door of the house. "This is the police." There were 3 other police officers with her, they arrived around the same time she did. "Open up or we're coming in!" There was no movement and the door stayed shut. She tried the handle, it was unlocked. She walked in to find 27 year old Jake Veskie lying in his own blood with a bullet hole in his head. She picked up her radio. "We have confirmed one body."

"Why are you here?" He heard repeated again. He went down on one knee. He had knees? His mouth opened to speak. "Deszk Un Voltz Nuk Viggotz." I forfiet death for thee, for eternally in your service shall I be. Did he say that? He could see her face. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen. More beautiful than words. "Ut zunt nat flekz." So that I may win thy favor. "Uck Vun Rotltz." And build an army for thee. Her beautiful red lips curved into a spine chilling smile. He had a spine? He had a mind? Yes. He had a mind.

She returned home after they had put him in a body bag and brought him to the morg. She was exhausted. He was shot through the head. The journal was laying in his hands. He grasped it in his death. The madman's journal. Elena had heard of it, yes. It all seemed too much. She closed her eyes to go to sleep.

She smiled and spoke in his mind. "Go now, and I will be your reward at the end. You shall have me, if you shall be able to prove yourself. Your life is renewed. You have become mine." He had legs. Arms. Feet. Hands. A spine. Jake Veskie's corpse opened its eyes.