Eternity in a Kiss

All of my standards are torn
By a new kind of lust.
Something in me is born
Something else turns to dust

They stole from my senses
They left my brain poor
All of my defenses
Aren't there any more

Why are you kissing?
Why I am staring?
Everything I'm missing
Is right here, blaring

Why is my breath rendered short?
Why can't I force myself turn away?
Why I am taking comfort
In the fact that you two are 'that way'?

Why can't I run from this?
I imagine what must be there
Inside this beauty filled kiss
I see you run hands through her hair

A regular day in the mall
Harmless home of capitalism
Spattered my values on the wall
By the shock of lesbianism

I know you're practically flaunting
How can I like the sight of who's on your lips?
Why do I continue my wanting
That it isn't a 'boy friend's hand on my hips?

Now he's taking me away
And he's laughing at the sight
Two girls happen to be gay
What an unfortunate blight

I always thought he was fine
But now my brain has had a curl
I've seen the forbidden wine
Now the one for me is a girl

My mind is enlightened
My soul has been marked
I'm no longer frightened
Of what is there in my heart

The moments we keep for eternity
Shouldn't be thought of as sappy
I've found out my identity
And I've never been so happy