Digging deep within my eyes,

pulling out millions of stars,

shining brightly,

like gold on my fingers.

I could stare all day long,

knowing the colors could deceive

and distract me from my normal views.

But I need to feed the colors,

to move my eyes around,

to see the wild red flames,

burning my forest so very deep inside,

my withered corpse.

Lost and runned down,

the weary blood filtering through

my tired legs,

continuing to run endlessly,

trapped in my web of lies.

Stretching and sticking

all around my body,

never letting me kick

or stand.

I fight so hard to press out,

shaking violently,

to cut these chains,

holding me back,

locking me in place,

for a future I know I don't want.

Breaking free,

plunging down into the truth.

It feels so good,

to feel like me.

No more denial,

or torture.

Just swimming and drifting,

along lifelessly through my true feelings.

They absorb me,

carrying me along,

floating me down the right path.

Letting me see

beyond the invisible stars

clouding my vision,

my head shaking myself out of a dream,

my path pouring out of my tired eyes,

locked away from a long slumber,

I finally see the road ahead,

its such a very long walk,

but I won't run,

thats too easy.

I'll take the slower one,

that I know will beat me down

and make my life a living hell,

but its worth the risk,

by walking and taking my time,

making sure I watch each and every step,

so I don't get caught,

in those horrid webs,

of sticky lies.