Enough - No, not that lame J-Lo Movie

Enough of it
Goes together so well
Like satisfaction after sex
And the bitterness following a breakup with an ex
What is it
I've had enough of
Fucking school
Bitches trying to be cool
Long days
Even following the goddamn rules
Not being skinny enough
Not being pretty enough
Because I know damn well I don't look like Tyra Banks
And that my beauty is not number ranked
Me enough of it
Goes together so well
Like ding is the sound of a bell
And slow describes a snail
I've had enough of
The dying
The crying
Of not being
Light enough
Or darker enough
Had enough of
The fear
The sickness here
Enough of it
Goes so well
Like drugs and dealers
And murders and killers
I'm drowning in an ocean of frustration
Yet I'm frozen aggravation
But I'm burning with determination
Determine not to be what he, she, or they want me to be
I've had enough of it -
The bullshit -
Not making the poetry team
People telling me to stop being mean
Or not to be obscene
Enough of it
Goes together so well
Like honey and a bee
Black movies and Spike Lee
They fit so perfectly
With enough of it and me