Written by: John and Liol

"Ah! Home." A boy of fourteen sighed of relief when his house came into view. He adorned a long blue cloak to help protect him against the cold and fierce winds of winter and for some time now had been struggling along in the snow practically daydreaming of sitting by the warm fire place enfolded in a quilt.

"Iroquois, it's after dark. Where have you been?" His mother hurriedly greeted him at the door when he stepped inside.

"Sorry, mom" Iroquois said "But I hurried home as fast as I could."

"Well, I don't like you being out when there is a snow storm. You should have come back sooner when it began." Charlotte Pliskin, she is a very fair maiden. An average and healthy woman with waist length brown hair and blue eyes. Though her looks betrayed her, Charlotte was mother to two boys, and a hardworking and loving wife to her husband Wayne whom she'd been married to for twenty five years now. Iroquois took after his mother by appearance, having the same blue eyes and brown hair as her—but didn't take after her kinder and over protective attitude. Instead, he was more like his father—a hunter and swordsman, but in training. "By the way Iroquois, did you catch anything while you were out?"

Iroquois nodded happily, and then held out a bloody woven sack "Yeah, three rabbits!"

"Three? Pa will be happy to know that."

"Pa's home?" Charlotte nodded "where is he?"

"He's should be by the fire place" She grabbed the bag from the boy's hands "I'll take care of this. You just go and warm up and tell your father about your day while Emrys and I prepare these rabbits for dinner."

So, hanging his cloak up on the coat rack, and setting his boots beside the door, Iroquois made his way down the hall and peeked inside the living room where his father sat by the fire in his old, and favorite chair. "Pa, I'm home!" He said and his father turned to meet him with a smile. Wayne Pliskin. He is a tall and built man with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. Unlike Charlotte, Wayne is bold, daring and not as protective. He also trusted his two sons more than Charlotte to be out on their own, and keep form getting into any mischief to which did lead to several arguments with her about his easiness.

Tuesday morning dawned and Iroquois started his day well. He bathed in the tin basin, dressed, and met at the table with his family for a breakfast of rabbit.

"Pa," Emrys called from across the table "Are we going hunting today?" Emrys is 4 years younger than Iroquois, and took after his father more when it came to looks except for his dirty blonde hair. He too had been trained under Wayne to be a swordsman and hunter.

"Come to think of it Emrys, that was just what I had in mind for you boys." Wayne ungracefully popped a piece of meat in his mouth "Iroquois, since it appears you'll be done eating first, why don't you gather the bows, knifes and sacks."

"Oh, I almost forgot. Emrys, why don't you stay behind and gather more firewood. We're almost out."

"Awl, ma! Do I have to?"

"Do your mom a favor boy." Wayne sniffed in disgust "Next time, you'll get to hunt with me and your brother, but for now just do as your mother asked you to."

After breakfast, they were out. Emrys went to gather firewood as told while Iroquois and his father went out to hunt. By time they returned with a successful catch of a deer, dusk had already claimed the sky and the Woodstock were loaded. The two hunters were welcomed home warmly with congrats on their catch where afterwards, the boys retired to their room while Wayne and Charlotte began to clean and preserve the deer meat.

"So how did the hunt go?" Emrys couldn't help but asking while they made their way up to their room "It's the first time dad ever caught a deer with one of us."

"I thought you'd never ask!" Iroquois threw his hands up in exasperation "Well first, we were just looking for something to hunt down for like two hours, and then we saw a deer! Dad let me shoot it too!"

"Did you hit?!"

They stepped into the room and flopped on the bed. "Nope." He shrugged lightly "My arrow only nicked the sucker, and made it freaked out!"

"So you went in search of another one?"

"Nah! We chased the same deer down in the woods, and then dad managed to shoot it dead."

"Wow!" He said on a sigh, and rest his hands behind his head "I wish I was there with you and pa…but instead I was too busy stacking the Woodstock" Iroquois had just opened his mouth to speak, but found himself short of words when the shattering of glass and a brief cry echoed from downstairs. "What was that?" Emrys stood ready, but Iroquois held him back by the hand.

"I don't know, it's probably nothing serious, but let me check." Knowing how stubborn Emrys could be, Iroquois didn't give him a chance to protest before he left the room and made his way downstairs where he had heard the noise. "Mom?" he called, and then again "dad?" No one answered and the air seemed to get heavy due to the eerie silence that permeated the house—then he stepped inside the kitchen and his eyes widened as if he'd seen the image of the devil—but instead he saw something far worst. Both his mother and father lay in puddles of their own blood across the wooden floor, and in has father's hand rests his sword. The air trapped in his throat made him feel as if his lungs were about to burst, and his body helplessly shook at what his eyes were bearing, then, like a arrow piercing through his ears, Iroquois heard a painful cry of Emrys from upstairs.

"Emrys!" He screamed, and absently retrieved his father's sword where next he dashed up the stairs to their room and right before his eyes witnessed the bloody slaughter of his brother. Iroquois, so immersed in the horrifying look on his brother's face hardly noticed the attacker that ate away at his neck. "E-E-Emrys?" He managed to utter, then moved his glossy eyes to the figure. The character seemed to be sheathed in shadow, his/her face, and body indistinguishable-but those eyes radiated of something almost unearthly.

Slowly, the character turned to Iroquois who stood in the doorway and for a moment, s/he glazed over him and the sword he held at his side. The character's senses seemed to churn by the mere sight of the boy—like an aura, it made his very being radiate with foulness that he himself couldn't distinguish. But he took this as a warning and carelessly dropped Emrys to the floor with a hard thud. That face he was sure to remember and the aura the he gave off, and then with one more vigilant glare to the mysterious boy, the character made haste out the window, escaping into the night sky.

Like a stick he seemed to snap. His eyes helplessly soaked in the fetid images around him. His father, his mother, his brother—how they all lay motionless on floor in pools of blood and their eyes wide and casting the fear and pain that they all suffered from. "How could this be..?" He pleadingly whispered to himself, and dropped to the floor on his hands and knees. It just couldn't register in his mind how just a moment ago they were all alive, and happy, then in almost a split second everything could go so ill fated. "It's not fair!" Iroquois cried, and clutched the sword in his hands "You monster, I'll make you pay for what you've done! I'll make you pay for what you did to my family!"

And so the night dies away, and fate is awakened—the one called Densetsu.

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