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Several weeks later Wiony's training was coming along quite well. She no longer felt sick when she took the potion and was able to see them by touching items and in her dreams. A certain dream that kept returning to her was that of a boy. He was eleven or so and had fiery red hair, he seemed quite nice although his temper could boil quite high. He trained often with a sword and bow and had skill at both for which Wiony admired him. She asked Neimiah about it but he just said not to worry, it was only a dream.

Soon the time came when Sky would be leaving. Dinner was quiet and the only noise was the munching of the vegetables they had grown in the garden. Ayla, who fretted about his leaving and had barely slept the past few nights just moved her food around the plate waiting for dinner to be over. When it was she left the house, Sky followed. She walked down to the willow tree and sat at its base her ebony hair hiding her tears.

"My sweet, I have to go and you know that," Sky said with a tinge of sadness in his voice.

Ayla looked away and whispered, "You know what happened when I left you...what am I going to do if it happens again?"

"It won't because this time I know I will see you again," he said pulling her to her feet.

Her finger traced down the front of his shirt, "I love you."

His hand cupped her chin forcing her to look up, "I love you too, that is why I'm going so nothing will happen to you," his head bent down and his lips brushed against hers sweetly.

Comforted, but still sad she leaned against him as he wrapped his hands her waist. He stooped for another kiss but she pulled away, tears streaming off of her pale face.

"Good-bye," she whispered and ran off farther into the garden.

Sky stood in the shadow of the willow for a few moments but then turned to the house and went inside.

Inside he prepared the rest of his things and said good-bye to Neimiah and Wiony. Wiony, who had grown quite fond of him, clung to his waist.

"I'm gonna miss you, Sky," she said as he pried her off of him.

He didn't say anything but just forced a smile, and turned to his bedroom.

That night the dream of the boy returned to Wiony.

The fiery red-head was in a practice room swinging his sword. It sliced in and out, Wiony watching with out much interest. Soon he finished, he sat on a low wooden bench and placed his sword besides him. He turned to grab a towel for his sweaty face, knocking his blade to the floor. Wiony stepped forward—out of habit—and picked it up. She didn't realize what she had done until she saw the look of horror on the boy's face.

"Oops," Wiony mumbled as she looked around, she was no longer watching the dream, she was in the dream.

"Who—what are you?" he asked stumbling backwards.

Wiony, who was still holding the sword, thought about this and then answered, "I'm not sure what I am at the moment but I do know who I am. My name is Wiony."

He seemed a bit startled but soon found his tongue, "Oh, hi, um...my name is Leo," his hands were trembling but he seemed rather calm for seeing someone appear out of thin air.

"I think you dropped this," Wiony said sweetly as she handed the sword back to Leo, her face blushed a light shade of pink. Leo blushed also as he grabbed the sword. "You're really good with the sword," Wiony commented walking to sit on the bench by Leo.

"Yeah, I guess so. I practice every day," Leo said his voice full of pride, his face beaming with the attention. He stood up and swung his sword in front of his face in a complicated move—obviously showing off—his blade only a blur.

The two talked for a bit until Wiony started to feel a strange tugging on her mind. The practice room was fading along with Leo and his voice. Soon she was back in bed, the sun was rising slowly over the horizon and Ayla stood above her growling. Since Sky had left Ayla had been cranky and much more like her old self. At night you could find her pacing her room looking out the window.

Wiony, with a slight headache, stood up and walked into the kitchen. Neimiah was waiting for her.

"Good morning, sleepy-head," Neimiah said stirring the steaming drink he held.

Wiony wrinkled her nose at the sarcasm and sat down, her head still pounding.

"Neimiah," Wiony began, "Could you enter a dream?"

Neimiah stopped stirring and looked up. He shook his head slightly as if dismissing a bad thought, "I don't believe so, I have heard of people attempting to but actually accomplishing it? Only one person comes to mind that might have," his voice trailed off slightly, "I'll look into that."

Wiony grinned slightly at Neimiah's willingness to help her and ran off. The sun reflected off the bird bath where Aderyn and Victoria were sitting.

"Good morning" they chirped as they relocated themselves on her shoulder.

Wiony smiled as she stroked Victoria's silky head. Then she told them about her dream last night—Victoria always liked listening to Wiony's dreams. When she finally finished Victoria was quite excited and fluttered around while Aderyn sat patiently.

"Leo, huh?" Aderyn laughed.

Victoria giggled as she found her place back on Wiony's shoulder, "How exciting! A boy."

Wiony wrinkled her nose a bit, "He was kind of charming but, something about him was…annoying. Oh well, my dreams will be quite interesting from now on I am guessing."

Wiony, Aderyn, and Victoria sat and talked and walked through the garden until almost noon. They were heading back to the cottage when Wiony spotted a door in the ivy.

"Since when did we have a door there?" Wiony questioned the birds.

Aderyn, in her usual "so-smart" voice said, "It has always been there...even before Neimiah came here. You humans really need to slow down in life."

Wiony just shrugged at the comment and walked up to the door. Her hand grasped the brass loop.

"Ugg a vision," Wiony's mind mumbled as white flashed in her eyes.

Skyler was running across a field, it looks similar to the one that Ayla and Wiony had crossed to get to the garden. He carried a parchment in his hand and a bow in the other; his back was a large sack. "He's almost home," Wiony's head-voice said to herself. Sky came to a slower pace and sat on the ground. The sun was setting and he was getting his bed ready.

A few seconds later Wiony was back. Her hand gripped tightly to the handle, she couldn't let go.

"OWWW!" she screamed tearing her hand free from the brass.

Parts of her small hand were bleeding and the rest was bright red. The handle had flesh hanging off of it where her hand had been. Wiony sniffed holding back tears and collapsed on the ground holding her hand and broke out into a full sob. A few moments later Ayla was at Wiony's side holding her.

"Get away! Don't touch me," Wiony screeched.

A bit startled Ayla backed off. Something was wrong, Wiony would never act like this, she always was her sweet little self.

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