The Green Chapel

As I sat among the leaves and rusted metal
I watched the scattered sunlight slowly vanish
There was hardly a sound in the world
But for the wind and quiet insects
The trees were all around me
Protecting me from the harsh wind
I looked at all the living things
Slowly changing under Autumn's spell
I slowly pushed through branches, thorns, and tall weeds
Making my way to the mighty fallen tree
I sat upon it, the water running silently below
I saw how a vine ran up a tree
Like the path a squirrel might take
The ant ran up and down the wooden bridge
I slowly descended from the dying log
Making my way farther in among the trees
The twisted vines wrapped around me
I left all my cares behind with them
I silently touched the coupe
Bringing a small smile to my serene face
And then I came to it
Even in this season of change it was faithful
Even though the whole world around it might shrivel and die
Not it, never the Green Chapel