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There was once a hairy little hermit named Molly. She lived in a cave with a clan of rabid Oompa Loompas that loved to cover molly in their sweet sweet chocolate. Molly never knew why she felt that a blind pervert named Gill lived among them, always trying to grab a feel. Stacy, the tree squirrel, happily sucked on nuts of two kinds all day. Gill, who was actually a doctor trying to treat Molly's underarm swelling (from the plague) to no avail, she decided to do Molly before Molly found out how she felt about her. Molly always wondered why Gill kept" accidentally" groping her while prodding the underarm swelling. Gill was a special kind of doctor, a gynecologist, for you see Molly also had a swelling in the groin area. Stacy the tree squirrel spent her whole day watching Gill clean out people's sweet sweet groin sores while rubbing her ..nuts and biting Gill the sun don't shine. You see Gill liked it rough and wet, that's why she was a gynecologist. Luckily Molly's immune system kicked in , curing all the groin sores, although Gill insisted it was because f the constant wanking. Molly was always at it, and her groin sores kept getting bigger, Gill thought they were multiple penises and attempted to rape Molly. Stacy with her rather sharp teeth bit off the sores, which, for some reason, although already cured, appeared again. Unfortunately, Gill was not immune to the rare disease of leprosy, so her body parts started rotting off, like her bulbous nose." Wow!" said Gill, " This is even better than plastic surgery!" Gill didn't really enjoy being bitten on the ass, for Stacy the squirrel was really trying to transmit the highly infectious disease that is rabies, she was foaming frantically from the mouth as she began using her tail to beat Gill, causing all Gills limbs to fall off. Molly was enjoying the show with popcorn and milkshakes, a jolly combination. Gill managed to fend off Stacy the squirrel, even though she was now Torso Woman, and Stacy went back to sucking off the Oompa Loompa's. Molly, sitting in the corner enjoying a protein filled sperm milkshake, began to have a wild fit of plagueness and suddenly she was cured forever and ever. Gill on the other hand began to disintegrate even more, her face rotting away, although for some reason it made her look even better. As Molly finished her Orlando Bloom filled sperm milkshake she wiped an especially wiggly one out of her moustache and jaunty goatee when she realized all her Oompa Loompas had become plague ridden mutants. Gill laughed and pointed and made several witty remarks then finally said " I can't help your precious menservants now that I amTorso Woman! We must head for the bat cave!" yelled Gill. " What Bat cave, we don't have a bat cave in this hermit hole!" Molly took off her fake moustache and goatee and leapt up, her kilt flowing in the breeze so everyone could see her horribly manly and muscley legs ( unlike Gill's which were incredibly flabby). The Oompa Loompas were very turned on by this and, because they knew Molly wasn't that perverted, leapt on Torso Woman and started humping her flabby, some of the Oompa Loompas getting lost and suffocating in the flub, while Molly increased the size of her magically reappearing groin sores by pleasuring herself to this incredibly arousing scene." I have solved the problem!" cried Gill, " A ll the Oompa Loompas have drowned in my fat-suit!" and she pulled off the flabb to reveal an even flabbier Gill that made everyone want to fall over and die at the sight of her flabbyness. Suddenly Stacy woke up. "Whoa what a weird dream, I must have fallen asleep while sucking on those nuts from Brittany Murphey's Eminem Shrine. Suddenly Molly walked in, wearing some stylish lmberjack garb and toting an enormous lumberjack axe. " Molly I just had the strangest dream, you and Gil were a hermit and a gynecologist. And I was a rabid squirrel who sucked on regular, eatable, juicy, succulent nut filled with the seeds of future life forms." " Shit son!" said Molly. " Yo! I had the eraaaaaziest dream the other night." Suddenly Gill walked in screaming, "What the hell?! I'm the one who had that dream then I told you guys to go fuck yourselves! It's not my fault I'm a pimp! Molly get back to work!" Molly ran out of the room crying and began to fuck everything in sight. "Stacy why aren't you whoring too? Get out there you skanky little pickle jar !"(AN: You need to read all our stories in order to kinda get what we're talking about=^.^= )Gill grabbed a stereo out of nowhere and began to play the melody to "funky town" like a slut and all the guys began to frock.I mean flock over and hump Molly. Stacy was jello wrestling down at Foxy Boxing under the assumed name of " Stace the Mace" (AN: It was originally princess sexy woman but molly found the better name. Ya you'll see it more on one of the later stories.). Of course she was winning and no girl wanted to go in the ring with her, she kept groping them, The guys liked her because of her lesbian tendencies. No one in history could ever beat her, except, perhaps, the notorious Gilly Fishnet, possibly the most infamous and worst jello wrestle in the history of jello wrestling. Gill prefered to mud wrestle naked with gorillas. A practice which is possibly why people started calling her Jane Goodall, then she became a famed monkey- studier. Molly, who was just the local red-district ho and an aspiring underground rapper and became a great philosopher and predicted Bushes demise when one day, Stacy assassinated him. Yes there were some very good times back in the new millenium.

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