Author's note: Rei-chan: This story is about...err...-pause- -shifty glance- -coughhackcough- me and one of my friend's role play characters, Higure and kinda sucks ass...-sigh- I suck at writing is a lesbian fic...I love that lemony lesbian goodness! I'm bi as it is..but..-cough- if you don't like lesbians, go away! -holds up a metal mallet threatningly- If you flame me I'll kill ya! I'LL KILL YA!

Higure is © me and Seiun is © my good friend, Eterna. You use either without our permission, I'LL KILL YA MORE! -twitch- There will be some refferance to a person named Jurei..yes...Jurei is © my best friend Michi- sempai(or Megami Umi on ant taller girl along behind her...
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