The Cycle

Fifty thousand people sitting on their butts all day

Slaving over nothing much and nothing is their pay

And nothing much is what they write

When they stay up to work all night

Staring blankly at the wall

Or into nothing much at all

Walking with nowhere much to go

And running when they get too slow

And climbing stairs to nothing much

And when the bell rings, eating lunch

But in an hour they're off again

To sleep and dream of nothing gained

In classrooms painted nasty green

A color pale with dread obscene

To subdue the inmates, row on row

'Cuz that is where their dead minds grow

While the guy up front talks on and on

To create a league of social pawns

And when a billion seconds pass

The drones get up to leave the class

And wander dazed into the light

To watch onscreen the hockey fight

Or maybe online chatting fun

While they slave to get nothing done

And the evening comes with nothing past

But they don't care 'cuz life's too fast

And when the morning rears its head

The puppets drag themselves from bed

Ready to start another day

With nothing ventured, nothing gained

And the cycle repeats for a couple years

Till nothing's left but cigs and beers

And then those hapless souls die

With no-one left to say goodbye

And their kids and grandkids keep on going

Nothing to keep them from slowing

And they go off to make nothing too

Just like their ancestors used to do

And nothing is what they live for when they're driving in their cars

And nothing's what they end up with when they stare out from between their bars

But this doesn't bother them in the least little bit

With nothing left to guide them, there's no reason left to quit

And besides, there's so much more they've not begun

And so much more nothingness left to run

And thus the loop goes on forever

It's all the same, so hey



It might sound like I'm really bitter and all, but I'm not. There really is a purpose to life (at least, in mine- I'm a Christian) but I didn't write about that here. Anyways, one word fer youse: REVIEW!