This story might contain homosexual behavior. If that offends you, maybe you shouldn't read this. To everyone else: Please tell me what you think and criticism is welcome as long as it's constructive. Thanks.

Sugar and Til

Til meets Sugar

"Running head on to things that knock me down, over again you picked me off the ground, when I wasn't strong enough to fight any more." – HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH

Til thought Sugar was the coolest. First of all because of her name. He figured she must either have hippy parents or she had named herself. It was a hot September day in first period. His business teacher was calling out the names in a dull monotone voice. "Sugar Murray?" Til looked back to see who answered.

And there she was. She stared at him almost accusingly with big pale eyes rimmed with purple eyeliner. She had a square jaw and lips that were heart shaped on the top and the bottom. She had tons of piercings all up both ears and not a single earring, just safety pins. She was wearing a man's undershirt, red bloomers, a tuxedo jacket, and leather boots that clung all the way up her thighs. She was doodling on her desk with a Sharpie, some elaborate spiral design.

Sugar was only in one of Til's classes, so most classes he had nobody to stare at. All of business he snuck glances at the back of the room. Sugar never paid attentionto the teacher. She always seemed to be in her own little more interesting world. At lunch Til sat by himself under the tree in the front of the school. He pretended he liked it that way. But really he was lonely. He sketched or read or listened to his Discman while eating his organic health food lunch. He felt ever lonelier when he was stared at by the zitty faced smoking girls in the parking lot, who took swigs of vodka in between laughing at him. He dragged his feet on the way to school.

One day he noticed Sugar approaching. He saw big leather heels and pink fishnets. He looked up. She stared at him, double heart lips pouted.

"What are you drawing?"

Til showed her his penciled hands. Sugar sat down next to him, pulling her hippie skirt around her legs. At first Til was a little jealous of Sugar's drawings. They were unusual and much more emotional than his. Though he was better at drawing realistically. Most lunches Sugar met Til under the tree. At first he felt a little shy of her. She was pretty and forward and very talented. But she didn't judge him the way everyone else did so he felt himself becoming less shy.