Chapter 1 The First Flash Back

A/N: Ok, I know I am supposed to finish my other story but hey what can I say? Well on with the story!

Scarlet turn to see her friend Christie running to her. "What now Christie? If its about your boyfriend Rick, don't talk to me about it because right now I feel horrible." Scarlet was surprised at what she said. She didn't mean to be mean but all well, she couldn't stop the words from escaping her mouth. Christie didn't seem to notice her friend's horrible mood. By now she was use to it. Scarlet had a reputation of being stubborn and cheerful at the same time. "Scarlet! Guess what. You know our history teacher Mr. Duster? Well, he is gone! So now we got a new teacher who's name is. umm. oh yeah, Mr. Harrison! He is cute and really young! Not at all like Mr. Duster. So what is your opinion on that?" Christie asked Scarlet. Scarlet was happy. She did not like at all that Mr. Duster. "Really? Thank God then. Well, look Christie I have to go, ok? Bye!" Scarlet went and ran before her friend could say anything.

Scarlet couldn't explain why but she had to be alone, she felt like something was going to happen. Now. No when?

As Scarlet was ran through the fields and hills to get to her home, she felt like a car had hit her. Then, as she fell into the darkness, she saw faces and voices. She did not realize that this was her first flash back.

"Damn! What happen?" yelled a nice looking soldier but from what country Scarlet did not know. "The Allies are coming soon! We need to get out of here before we all die." Another cruel looking solider said to the nice looking soldier.

"What am I doing here?" Scarlet asked. But no one answered. 'It is like they can't see me or hear me.' She thought.

"Don't worry. We would soon be getting out this junk yard." The nice looking man said. "Now please let me be." At that the ugly soldier went out of the tent.

Scarlet got tired of calling him "nice looking soldier", so she went over to him. She had to go really close to see his patch that had his name. She had to practically hug him to see. "Paul" she read from the patch. 'Hmmm. he smells really nice. And he is warm.' She thought.

Paul had to relax. 'It is ok. No one found out about you yet.' He thought. Just then he thought he smelled flowers. 'Hmmm. lily flowers, it smells really good.' He thought.

Wait. Did he felt someone tug at his patch? He grab what he expected to be air but instead found a hand. A solid hand.