Chapter 2: The Whole New Start

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Scarlet gasped. 'Oh no! He felt me!' She thought, and then she blush, realizing that she was hugging him. 'Oh God! Why is he going to find me in this position?' She moan at the thought.

Paul stared at his hand as if he was bewitched. He was torn at the decision of screaming or, or, or.. What? Was he love? But he barely even knew the owner of the hand. Wait, he didn't even meet he or her. He must be crazy. "Who are you?" he couldn't stop the words that just flow from his mouth.

Scarlet was startled when he asked the question. 'Do I answer or what?' Scarlet started to feel very weird.

Paul gasp. There was a girl right before him. 'Hold on, what is the girl doing. Is she hugging me?' He was amazed. He was only 16 when he was forced to join the Nazis army. His family did not agree with Hitler but he had to or had to face death. Some days he wishes he would have chose death. He hated to see people being burned, shot and killed. So that's why he took some prisoners into hiding. This worked fine for him because they gave him full command of the camp.

"Excuse me, Miss, but may you let go of me." He said to the strange girl trying not to laugh. When he looked at her, she had a pretty face but not extraordinary. She seem to be age of 14 even though she had no "woman" curves to her. She seem nice.

She blush red when he asked her that. When she looked at him and saw that he trying to keep a serious face but he had to laugh. 'He looks so funny when he is trying not to laugh'

In spite of herself, she started laughing. She was laughing at his funny face.

'Was she laughing at me? How dares she! Doesn't she have respect?' Then his laughter could not stay in his mouth no longer.

After a while they were both on the floor laughing uncontrollably. Then they stop, wiping the tears of happiness off their face. " I am sorry to laugh at you." Scarlet said shyly for some unknown reason. "It is ok. Well I have a lot to ask you." He said to her. He was very curious. "Well what are your questions? Because I have questions to for you." She said. 'Why does he make it so difficult to talk' "What is your name?" He asked. "Scarlet and yours?" She replied. "Paul, how old are you and when were you born?" He couldn't help himself at all. She was new and he was getting more curious by the moment. "Well, I am 14 and I was born in July 16 1986." She said. She couldn't believe she was telling a stranger all this. "Wait, are you joking?" "No, why?" "Because it is 1943" "You must be pulling my leg." "What do you mean 'pulling my leg'?"

Scarlet sigh. She really must be in the past. But how? Should she really listen to this stranger?

"It is an expression of you are kidding. But where am I?" "Poland." "What! Please! You are really joking!"

Paul wrinkled his nose, he hate people yelling at him. Why was she so mad. He only spoke the truth.

"No. You are in Poland. In Aushwitz."

Scarlet gasp.

"Aaausshwitz . But why?" "I am Nazis soldier here. I am in charge."

Scarlet turn pale. Why was she standing with a Nazis, those brutal and cruel men.

Paul noticed the sudden change in Scarlet. "Are you ok?" He reach to help her but she slap his hand. Hard too. "Ouch! What that for?" "You're a Nazis, cruel and brutal men, killing people." "You don't understand." "What is there to understand. You are killing innocent people." Scarlet practically scream. "But you haven't even taken time to know me! You know how hard it is for me to kill people? You know, sometimes I'll like to join them." To Scarlet's surprise he started crying. Even more surprising, she felt guilty for scearming at him. "Well, let me understand you."